Month: September 2018

What causes condensation and how can you prevent it?

In autumn and winter when the temperature plummets, condensation starts to be an issue in affected buildings. It needs to be handled, so don’t ignore it. If you do not deal with it, you risk mould and damp, which are...

/ 2018-09-29

Useful things for a car trip

Going on a long journey can start off sounding fun but if you fail to prepare some activities to keep children occupied, it can soon turn into a real headache. The thought of the open road is very appealing until...

/ 2018-09-17

It’s been a scorcher so far

Here in the UK over the last few weeks we have been experiencing some amazing summer weather. Over the last few years we have become accustomed to the cool, wet summer holidays but so far this year we have had...

/ 2018-09-05