Wedding traditions are followed in different ways in different parts of the world. In general, the wedding is normally arranged in two different forms that is modern and traditional wedding. The type of the wedding merely depends on the choice of the wedding couples and their family. Some couples go for modern wedding while some others choose traditional wedding theme.

Modern wedding

Modern wedding ceremonies are based on the modern practices. All the arrangements related to the wedding are made in the modern way.

Traditional wedding

Traditional wedding on the other hand, all the arrangements are made as per the culture or tradition. The culture followed in the wedding is based on the culture of the family or the country where they live.

Modern wedding today’s trend

In these recent days, modern wedding becomes the trend. More and more number of people prefers modern type of wedding than traditional wedding. A modern wedding has a lot of differences from a traditional wedding and this becomes the reason for preferring modern wedding by people.

Some best ideas for modern wedding

  • Decide your wedding destination

In earlier days in the traditional wedding, the ceremony is celebrated in a worship place for example in a temple or a church. This was fixed for the weddings that were conducted in earlier days. But, in modern wedding one can fix their desired destination for their wedding.

  • Wedding dresses

The next thing related to modern wedding is the wedding dress. In traditional wedding, the wedding dress is fixed and same for all. However, in this recent day wedding, one can design their wedding dress as per their choice. Also, a lot of special additions are available for a wedding dress. Particularly, the brides of today have a wide range of collections and choices for their wedding dress. Even a bride can design her own wedding dress according to her mood and need.

Also, one can make stylish dresses for the wedding and looks trendy on the big day. There is no need to stick with the heavy weighted old style dresses.

  • Wedding photo shoot

Another greatest feature associated with a modern style wedding is the pre wedding photo shoot. This is not available in traditional wedding. If you choose modern style wedding you can go for this pre wedding photo shoot. You can visit some popular spots in the world or in your country and make your pre wedding photo shoot and video shoot.

  • Try some sparklers

Not all people go for this idea. You can buy some wedding sparklers online and use those sparkelers on your wedding day night. Even, you can do this for your pre wedding photo shoot and video shoot. Capturing you in front of the wonderful sparklers will be a great option. Likewise, there are a lot of practises and methods are followed in the modern and traditional wedding. Whether it is modern or traditional a wedding will always gives happiness and joy and fun to the wedding couples and their families.


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