Life is not easy for those who are deployed away from home but getting a care package from someone they love is definitely a booster for them. Since they are away from home, in tough training and practices, a single item, sent with care from someone they love, is something that can overwhelm them and feel them loved at the same time. They would love anything that you would send, but some things are useful when you are deployed, and there are things that you should not be sent at all.

So when you are sending military gifts to the deployed one, make sure that you have selected the gift carefully and avoided the common mistakes that the people make. Please choose a useful gift, and that does not require them to allocate plenty of space for it. It shouldn’t be such that the receiver of the gift has to take care of it a lot, and it should not be delicate as well. One must choose the gift with care. On the other hand, the area’s custom services also need to be considered when you are sending the gift to them. There can be some restrictions against sending the package or the specific item you are sending.

Once you are sure that you have selected the right item needed by the other person as well, and it would do good to them too, only then should you start packing.

But packing the military presents for the deployed military servers, have to be done with a lot of care. Sometimes the packages are thrown from the helicopters in the areas that are non-reachable, and if they are in the sea, the package could get wet as well.

So you have to make sure that you have done the packing of the present carefully and following the guidelines.

When packing the present for your service member, you have to ensure that the size and weight do not exceed the limitations. Also, the timeline has to be considered, as well. Typically, high priority mail reaches its destination within 10 to 15 days, but the time can vary because of the extreme weather or some other reason.

Another thing to be careful of is to keep everything tightly packed. Things should not be rolling in the box. If there is a chance of spills, use a zip lock bag. If you are sending food, check the expiry date. You should place a card inside the box with your name and the name of the service member on it.

Check the holiday cut off dates as well, and be sure that you have written the address carefully. The address should be complete with all the details of the deployed service member. Do not send perishable items. s

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