Teenage is a stage in a child’s life that is characterized by many challenges. From mood swings to other issues most of which emanate from school, these young ones find themselves enmeshed in a series of battles. Sometimes the teen’s level of distress rises and they have to seek professional help. Therapy is not reserved for those who have serious mental disorders, as society might have you to believe. A meeting with a therapist can prevent serious mental issues at an early stage.

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It begins with the mood swings, some irritable behavior, sadness and then your child might start to look withdrawn. If this is left untreated, then depression comes could set in. In these instances you should talk to your pediatrician as early as possible for a potential referral to a good therapist. Earlier intervention will prevent such occurrences from progressing and ensure the child regains their healthy mental state. Again, the environment of the child must be supportive, that is why it is recommended that you take your child to a school like Eva Carlston Academy that has an organized system, with the relevant professionals who will support them.

Anxiety disorders

Just like for the grownups, worry is normal for teens. However, some teens experience intense anxiety. It could be a difficulty in talking in class or she is worried that bad things could happen to them. In such circumstances, therapy comes handy. In a good school environment, the teachers are able to identify such and therefore administer therapeutic sessions accordingly.

Behavior problems

Your child has grown, as is a teen now. Some symptoms could tell you about the mental health of the young one. Suspension from school, some aggressive behavior and such. A therapist should be able to unearth some potential mental health disorders before they turn into serious ones. Substance abuse

Substance abuse

It may seem too early for the teens especially girls to engage in drugs and alcohol abuse. However, research has proved that to be true. That is why you need a therapist to help determine the perfect course of treatment. Depending on the severity of the teen’s condition, they’re in a position to identify the kind of treatment that is appropriate for the individual. It could be the individual, group or detox therapy that is appropriate for them.


Yes, teenagers can also be stressed. It could be the pressure from home to perform well or other concerns on what to do after school. In fact, research has shown stress to be a serious disorder for many teens Therapy at this stage helps the child to prepare psychologically and adjust to the life changes without being anxious about many things- it takes away their worries.

Low self-esteem

This is one of the serious problems that teens have according to studies. For some, it is the self-confidence issues while for others it’s issues related to self-esteem. If such issues are not identified and addressed early enough, there is a high risk that the child is even going to engage in drug abuse.

It may be difficult to determine some of the mental disorders with the teens especially for someone who is not an expert. That is why you must get the right school environment for your child. Ensure the school has teachers trained on therapy and with a reputation of helping teens.

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