With the mercury level rising, it’s high time to change the collection of your wardrobe. Summer has brought on the heat;men should look cool and feel cool to beat the heat. It’s the time when most of the outdoor activity takes place. Whether you are on holiday or at work, you want to look well-dressed according to the weather and the occasion. If you want to look fashionable and feel cool then here we list down the 10 best outfits for men to wear in summer.

  1. The Polo Shirt

Don’t go by the name. Polo shirts are not just for polo or golf players, they have made an entry to every man’s wardrobe. You can wear a polo shirt in any occasion in summer. It blends well with both casual and formal outfits. The half sleeve, the collar, and the perfect breathable material make a polo a perfect summer outfit.

  1. The Perfect Fit Shorts

With shorts, you can look smart and cool. It makes a person feel comfortable and is very convenient too. You can pair it with shirts or t-shirts you like to get that perfect and classy looks. Shorts tend to make men younger and more active.

  1. The Linen-Cotton Shirt

Cotton serves as the best fabric for summers. The linen-cotton shirt will fit in with any bottom wear for men. You can wear it by tucking it in or even by letting them loose. The best part, you will feel very comfortable in it.

  1. Folding Sunglasses

To further add that sparkling looks to your attire you can wear sunglasses. Folding sunglasses will be perfect for summers as they can save your eyes from the scorching heat of the sun and you will get a stylish look. Even if it’s not a sunny day still you can tuck it in your shirt’s collar to add to your fashion.

  1. Slim Straight Chinos

Slim fitting chinos for men are equal to leggings for women. Chinos are tight trousers that can be worn on summers as they are made up of light cotton fabric. They come up in numerous colors and perfect shapes. Chinos are best to go with any footwear and go well with both tees well as shirts.

  1. Stylish Slippers

Many men don’t like wearing shoes in summers especially with socks. The best alternative to this will be to put on stylish slippers. Guess what? It goes well with any outfit without making you less comfortable.

  1. The Boat Shoe

The Boat shoe goes well with any bottom wear. You can try it with tight chinos or even in denim. Your perfect fit shorts will look perfect in it. You can put it on socks or even without.

  1. The Strap Watch

We always prefer to wear half sleeves in summers. Add a strap watch to your wrist to give you a standard look. Select the color of the strap watch that goes according to your outfit. Strap watch will be a better option compared to leather or metal as it doesn’t get worn by sweat.

  1. The Trendy Belt

Non-leather belts are light in weight and easy to operate. They also add that sparkling look to your waist, and you feel comfortable. Look out for the ones that are similarly worn by tennis players. They are attractive and best to use.

  1. Canvas Sneaker

Just like the boat shoe and stylish slippers, canvas sneakers will reflect the casual side of you. Canvas sneakers are available in multiple designs and colors and you would love to match it with your dress codes. It just makes you look more elegant and vibrant.


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