Most of us already know that eyelashes are essential for our overall appearances.

However, you probably did not know that the extensions were a part of history for a long time. Even though most people think that the process started a few decades back, you should understand that the procedure began in the past several millennia.

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It is a logical perspective, especially if you have in mind that women wanted to appear beautiful from the beginning of humanity. Therefore, they have experimented in numerous ways to express their beauties.

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A Brief History of Enhanced and False Eyelashes

  • Ancient Egypt – We can state that enhancement started five thousand years ago in ancient Egypt. Generally, they began using brushes and ointments from organic materials to boost the length and volume. At the same time, tinting treatments were prevalent for both women and men.
  • Roman Empire – Another critical consideration to add is that people wanted to have extra-long ones in ancient Rome. Simultaneously, a few philosophers such as Pliny the Elder stated that having lengthy eyelashes comes because of chastity vows and moral lifestyle.
  • Middle Ages – When it comes to the Middle Ages, you should know that women did not think about lashes at all. Instead, they felt about foreheads as the essential feature for their beauties and appearance. They plucked their eyelashes to display their foreheads. At the same time, they shaved brows as well.
  • 19th Century – A self-mutilation stopped in the 19th century when the need and desire for lash enhancement got back and became highly popular. However, the popular option was to glue human hair to lids, which was a horrible mistake that ended in numerous allergies and infections. The worst experiment at the end of 19th century was when women used needles to implant lashes to their eyes.
  • Early 20th Century – During this particular period, the first artificial options entered the market. Everything started with Karl Nessler, a highly prominent hairdresser from England, who created a patented process for weaving and making false ones. Soon afterward, Anna Taylor followed this idea and created a patent for false ones by using tiny hairs attached to a fabric.
  • Old Hollywood – Pioneer in this particular industry was D.W. Griffith, who was also a film producer during Hollywood’s early days. He wanted to create something wholly different and noticed that something is missing on silent film actors. Yes, we are talking about feminine eyelashes. Therefore, he tried to improve her appearance, which was the initial moment that created a boom among other actors and viewers.
  • After Second World War, Everything Changed – Hollywood was a significant promoter of this particular industry, which is why false options became highly popular in the beauty industry after the Second World War. Besides, the beauty industry started to experiment with application techniques to reduce the hassle and their weight.
  • New Millennia – After the 2000s, things were completely different, and new extensions entered the market. The ones that we use nowadays appeared and became highly prominent among women of all ages and financial statuses. The demand grew significantly, which is why you should think about finding the best professional to help you out with the process.

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