Hats can serve as a multi-functional fashion and lifestyle accessory. Within the United States, baseball caps are often seen as a staple in American society. In other countries such as Britain, hats are seen as a way to show status, class and wealth. While attending fancy events, hats are the ultimate way to complete an as


Whether you are looking for headwear for a casual backyard get together, a posh black-tie affair or something in between, there is a vast array of styles for men and women. With so many headwear choices figuring out the perfect hat can seem like a daunting affair. Listed below are a few fashion-friendly caps that are geared towards men’s styles.

One such hat style that is making a comeback into the present day era is the bucket hat. Some of you may remember the elusive, ever-popular hat that was often seen on hip hop icon ‘LL cool J. Invented in the early 1900s, the bucket hat’s main function was to shield fishermen from the rain. In the celebrity world, bucket hats run the gamut between hip hop stars to sports icons. Bucket hats can be worn to fairs and festivals adding to a casual flair. They can also be the perfect accent piece to striped shirts and cargo pants. Sneakers can be worn with the bucket hat for a very simple style. Or you can wear dress shoes for a more formal wardrobe statement.

Another headgear choice is the ever-popular fedora. Even the name sounds classy. It goes all the way back to the early 1900s.

Even popular at one point with gangsters, it now has gained popularity amongst the artsy, creative crowd. The fedora has a velvety feel to it. This is a very versatile hat, but it will not work well with jeans and a tee-shirt. Fedoras are headwear for more fashion-savvy men. Fit is an extremely important component of proper headwear. Tailored pants look crisp and fabulous with your new fedora.

Baseball caps have a wide variety of style options. History dates this cap back to 1860. Baseball caps can be an inexpensive hat choice. They come in a vast array of color and print selections. Camouflage is one very versatile fashion preference. Camouflage caps aren’t just for hunters.

Now average folks to modern-day celebs can sport this pattern choice. Wholesale camo caps can be a very inexpensive alternative. There are so many choices for ordering wholesale camo caps online. Prices range from approximately one dollar and ninety-nine cents to four dollars or more. Baseball caps can be worn with blazers and trousers or jeans and a tee-shirt

Another hat option is called a flat cap. Flat caps gained popularity in the nineties with boyband artists, Also popular amongst older citizens, the flat cap is a now modern-day favorite.

Flat caps lend themselves well to blazers, suits and the ever classic corduroy jacket.

Beanie caps are another hat choice. They come in many colors and patterns. Pair it with a jeans jacket or a pair of slacks and loafers.

Panama hats are a trickier fashion statement to pull off, but once accomplished it is a truly swanky look. These hats have different sized brims. They can also have varied colors of ribbons around the middle.

With all the hats available on the market today, finding a spectacular head accessory should be easy peasy. No matter what event you are attending, the perfect hat is available at all price ranges.

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