Prom season is here and the wait is nearly over for hundreds of pupils up and down the country who are attending their high school prom this summer.

As well as the all-important dress, planning the hairstyles, accessories and make-up are all part of creating the perfect look for those memorable prom photos.


Wherever you decide to get ready, try to find an outside area as this will make the best background for your pictures. Have a look around for a good spot and choose one that is simple without any clutter or objects lying around. If you can find some greenery, trees, grass, flowers and the sky can really enhance the colours in the image.

If the weather is poor, or you need to take your photos indoors, look for a plain coloured and clear wall and be sure not to include any furniture. If you are feeling particularly creative and there is a staircase available, then play around with taking some shots here too.


Most smartphone cameras have a whole host of built-in camera gadgets, but not everyone knows how to use them. Understand all the options and play around with the flash and different settings to get the lighting right.


Be creative with your poses. There are many ways to create memorable pictures, other than simply standing together and smiling at the camera. Facing each other is always nice, but remember to keep your head straight so as not to show off a double chin and be mindful that your hands aren’t in a strange position. Make sure prom dresses are straight and hanging properly.


Don’t leave taking the photos until the last minute when you are about to leave. Schedule some time specifically to take photos, that way they won’t be rushed and you will get some much better shots. These prom dresses from AX Paris are sophisticated and stylish and will get people talking for all the right reasons, unlike Amanda Holden’s dress choice for the BGT finals which caused quite a stir


Don’t forget to take some natural shots with friends in conversation and laughing, as well as graduating daughters and sons with their parents and other family members, as these are the special pictures that you will want to treasure in the future.

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