The British are famous for their breakfasts, the full English, the full Scottish and even the Veggie breakfast delight, but there are definitely days when you want something a little more healthy. A fruit and yoghurt might do the trick, but it’ll never get you through to lunchtime, especially if you are an active individual and enjoy playing sports such as football during your spare time. By the time you have run around the pitch in your chosen Football Kits that you can find at places like kitking, your stomach is bound to be rumbling. If only there was a breakfast that was quick, easy, healthy and filling! We won’t keep you in suspense. We found it. And it comes from Sweden.

Balanced breakfast for everyone

At first glance, the typical Swedish breakfast appears to have been designed by a nutritionist researching online food recipes. Each version usually contains nuts and seeds, whole grains, honey, fruit or vegetables and some form of protein, such as milk or cheese. But on closer inspection, you’ll see this is a matter of convenience more than anything. After all, this is where muesli originated.

Mega Viking muesli

One favourite on the muesli menu is a classic Swedish cereal. It’s a powerhouse breakfast and it’s very easy to make in advance. In a large bowl, mix together rolled oats, rye and spelt flakes, sunflower, pumpkin and flax seeds, plus blanched hazelnuts, ground cardamom, ground cinnamon and a few spoons full of honey. Lay this mixture on a baking sheet and toast, and once it’s cooled, simply break it apart and store it in a glass jar with a tightly fitting lid. Then add dates and milk to serve.

Of course, the Swedes are famous too for their love of meat and fish and you can find lots of complementary recipes to go with this breakfast and a quick internet search will help you find some. The vital thing to remember is that balance is essential. The expression, “A little bit of what you fancy, never hurt you,” could be taken from the Swedish dictionary.

What to drink?

However, for such a famously nutritious breakfast, you might be surprised to learn that the only drink to grace the breakfast table is usually coffee. The Swedes drink more coffee per head than any other nation and they like it strong!

Family time

But the most important part of any Swedish breakfast is the family time it allows. The ritual of all waking up and starting the day together is something we could all benefit from, even if a big bowl of muesli isn’t your thing.

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