A good salad counter can be a real asset to your business. Not only does it keep your food cool, but it takes care of presentation by displaying your wares. For this reason, most restaurants, cafes and other customer-facing food businesses will use a salad counter.

When displayed at your front of house, they provide great colour, a feeling of freshness and a sense of just how healthy your food offer is. This can help your customers to make good food decisions. But how do you choose one?

Pick the right size

A saladette counter must be the right size for your business needs and space. Consider factors such as the floor footprint, the display product’s shelf life and the degree of prominence that you want to give to fresh food as customers walk into your business. Short-life products tend to be better in a small case, in order to save on space, energy and money.

You’ll also find that some manufacturers sell display cases with lower profiles, which offer the benefits of alarge saladette counter, but with a small footprint that is designed for tighter spaces. Find out more at https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/commercial-refrigeration-brands/i-l/interlevin/interlevin-esa900-refrigerated-saladette-counter.


Always check this carefully before purchasing, because you need to be confident that your appliance will meet exhaust air and intake requirements. Measure your available space very carefully to ensure that your new appliance will fit, with the necessary surrounding space for ventilation.


Saladette display counters will have a variety of separated trays in which to display your produce. Make sure you are clear about the number of trays that you want – which will depend on the food items that you are planning to display. You’ll also find that there are different types of display to pick from, with flat or straight glass fronts or curved glass fronts. The latter tend to look very stylish and modern, but this is really just a question of taste, as both options will offer great visuals of your displayed food for customers.


This is very important, but easily overlooked. Customers will want to see the food that you are displaying clearly, so attractive and clear lighting will make it easy for them. LED lights are bright, clear, energy-efficient and long lasting. They can bring out the colours of your fresh food and help to attract customers.


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