If you ever played video games on a retro NES console, you might have come across this game. It is somehow hard to believe how well some games still hold up after decades have passed since their early launch dates. Almost 30 years ago this retro 2D scrolling shooter game came into the lives of gamers and still remains a must play game for fans around the world.

The game is now available on virtual gaming consoles so even modern gamers can get a chance to take a hit at Supreme Commander Vile Malmort.


Supreme Commander Vile Malmort – whoever came up with this name, kudos! Just as the name sounds, the alien super villain is an evil mastermind who is taking over the planet via an Astrotube that connects New York City to his space station. Our president has a confidential and a total badass team of cyborg soldiers ready for battle. You get to control the cyborg heros or the special cybernetic attack team against the aliens who each has a name quite relatable – Arnold and Sigourney. The time is now to pack up the big guns and start shooting down some alien A$$h####!

The Feel

For a NES game, S.C.A.T looks fantastic. The graphics are more like a modern indie game that is trying to be sort of like a retro game as compared to an actual retro video game. The characters look a little lifeless as they maneuver through the tunnels but as the shooting begins, it looks almost lifelike with strong recoil from shots fired.  The coolest feel of this game is the enemies and how well they behave as per their appearance. Some aliens come with large hind legs that jump at you while heavily armored enemies need more firepower to take out. The levels of the game give us a good feel about the designer and the game developer because they have given enough attention to showcase fallen cities, battleships, broken city scapes etc.

There are even subtle background graphic effects like small lightning in the background which lights up the screen making it more believable and realistic. The music is perhaps one of the best ever for a retro video game with all of its 8-bit glory. This game package makes you feel like a true hero as you finish each level and saving the world as you go on to the next.


S.C.A.T is played quite similar to any other scrolling action game and the controls are pretty much the same as well. Besides moving your character left and right, you are also equipped with satellites that shoot as they automatically rotate around you. The controls for this game are tight and makes sure you feel in total control of the game. It is a bit confusing that the power – up and weapon pick up look the same with the exception of a visible letter, but once you learn which is which, it is smooth sailing.

S.C.A.T is one of the best retro video games that has stood the test of time, wrath of gamers and critics and has come out shooting stars around the world. If you enjoy this genre of video games, check out Stil Luv Nes. You can now buy video games online from us. Make sure you check out this game and most of the amazing NES video games in store now!

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