An armchair environmentalist is basically the kind of person who is concerned about the environment but does not take any serious initiative in it. They basically do the minimal things which can somehow cure the environment and contribute to society. Thus for all the armchair environmentalists across the globe, there are some easy tips to go green in this article.

●    Recycle

Recycling is the easiest thing you could do, such as using a used plastic bottle as a water bottle or using aluminum cans or glass containers for personal use. By doing this, you can easily heal the environment as the plastic and other objects are not converted into the trash. Plastic is very harmful to the environment when thrown on the drains as it blocks the vents, and the water logging issue starts around the city.

●    Use fluorescent bulbs

Fluorescent bulbs are very energy efficient and also decrease the electricity bill, which is actually very pocket friendly. When a normal bulb is switched on then, the heat which is produced also causes global warming. In today’s world, saving energy is very important, and by using fluorescent bulbs, you can do it.

●    Use grocery bags made of clothes that could be reused

Grocery bags can be reused if it is made up of cloth; plastic bags are very harmful to the environment as it does not decompose, block the drains and cause water logging problems throughout the city during the rainy season. It is also harmful to domestic animals such as cows or goats as they eat those plastic bags and choke themselves, which could be fatal for them.

●    Unplug electronic gadgets when not in use

Unplugging electric gadgets is actually very environmentally friendly as it saves energy and reduces the electric bill, which is also very pocket friendly. Also, dont use too many lifts as it takes too much electricity instead take the stairs which keep you fit.

●    Use cycle aur walk

Start using cycles instead of cars as it causes less air and sound pollution. Also, you save money on the fuel, which is a relief for your pocket. It also makes you fit as cycling daily is a kind of workout. Dont use motorbikes for a short distance; instead, walk and stay fit.


Hope reading the article you got some valuable tips on how to contribute to society. Each of your good practices will heal the environment. These tips are perfect for all the armchair environmentalists





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