In large-scale events, the ground is the most susceptible to harm. The grass is really soft. As a result, a substantial amount of load might harm it in a matter of hours. To cope with this kind of situation, heavy-duty custom logo mats come in handy.

These mats can withstand the weight of thousands of attendees. They also give enough air ventilation to the underneath grass. The grass will stay fresh this way.

Grass protection is critical for any outdoor event. As a result, event planners include a ground protection system to prevent crowd or mechanical damage. Furthermore, if the guests are not comfortable with the flooring, the event may get disorderly. As a result, the need of heavy-duty mats for any outdoor event cannot be overstated.

The main goal of these mats is to allow cars and event apparatus to pass over without harming the underlying ground. Furthermore, the uneven floor is inconvenient for wheelchair users.

This is when the need for these mats becomes clear. These ground protection mats offer wheelchair users with a consistent and smooth surface. As a result, it equalizes the event for everyone.

Heavy duty mat types

Depending on the needs, floor protection mats come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are a plethora of these ground mats available. However, the top-performing mats that employed a ground protection system will be highlighted. The following are the dimensions of these heavy-duty mats:

  • Panels in high definition

These panels are constructed of aluminum strand-casting. The material is tough enough to withstand huge weights. It comes in standard-sized panels, making it simple to assemble and disassemble after usage.

  • Panels in a box

Aluminum is also a key component in the production of box panels. Aluminum has a high strength-to-weight ratio. A single panel weighs s 300 kg. As a result, cranes may be used to correctly install them. A conventional box panel is 2.44 meters in length and 3.00 meters in width.

The benefits of heavy-duty mats

There are several advantages to utilizing these ground protection mats during events. The primary benefit of these high-duty mats is that they protect the underlying grass from harm. The underlying grass surface is vulnerable to harm during large-scale events attended by thousands of people. As a result, these protective mats shield the grass from human pounding.

Furthermore, the mats have holes. This enables air to circulate through the grass, keeping it fresh at all times. These perforated holes are tiny enough that any spilling will not reach the ground below. As a result, it reduces spillage damage.

These high-duty mats offer a safe path for construction equipment. The construction equipment is heavy enough to harm the soil or lawn. As a result, these protective mats are strong enough to withstand the weight of equipment while protecting it from harm.

These mats are particularly appealing to wheelchair users. These mats and their installation exceed ADA requirements. As a result, they provide a safe haven for wheelchair users. The finest feature of these mats is that they are slip-resistant due to the substance used in their manufacture.

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