Pets and fleas go together like jelly and peanut butter, just much less enticing. This external insect has been there since the Jurassic era! It was most likely reasoning some itchy issues on the long-lost dinosaur pals, too. However, unlike thousands of years ago, we now know the solutions for treating and controlling ticks fleas. One of such solutions is the tick and flea collar.

Seresto Flea Collar Is Effective And Safe:

Made by Bayer, the dog lapel utilizes two active elements that work in conjunction with each other to provide protection against both ticks and fleas for up to eight consecutive months. These two safe and active pesticides in the Seresto tick and flea collar are:

  • Imidacloprid (Ten Percent)

This chemical imitates nicotine, the similar one discovered in tobacco, and is extremely toxic to the sucking pests. It is a common element in over garden, four hundred pets, and house products. You can buy it in liquids, powder, granules and even packs that dissolve in water.

How Does It Work?

Once the pest has gulped this substance, it starts to stop the individual nerves from transferring signals to the point where the nervous system shuts down completely. This substance is extremely toxic to pests because it attaches much better to the nerve cell’s receptors of the flea than it does to birds or mammals. In flea lapels, it functions against both the adult and larvae stages of the insect and even other parasites. The other great news is according to the Environmental Protection Agency there has been no proof in their assessments that propose that the Imidacloprid is a carcinogen.

  • Flumethrin (4.5 Percent)

The other active element in the lapel is the Flumethrin which works to repel and kill ticks in the larvae, nymph, and adult stages. It shuts down the parasite’s central nervous system. Albeit it does belong to the α-cyano-pyrethroids kin (a pesticide) the low amount found in the flea lapel does not pose a menace to cats, dogs, or individuals. A study was published in Parasit Vectors which found that the Seresto’s flea and tick collar is effective and safe on ten-month-old kittens. Cats contract fleas simpler than pooches and most of dog tick and flea cases are of the cat tick and flea variety. It leads researchers accomplished that if it worked good for kittens, then it’d be even more helpful for canines.

No Collar Change Required:

There’s a good possibility that your dog has come to love his or her lapel. They almost certainly hate when you remove it. It is another advantage of the Seresto tick and flea collar. With it, you don’t need to be anxious about taking off their original lapel. The lapel will not hinder with others, so they can both be carried at the same time. On top of that, the lapel is very easy to apply. Just place it around your pet’s neck as you’d a regular lapel, and you are ready to go. To know more, you can read PuppyWire’s review of Seresto collars.


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