All across the world, chandelier lights are perhaps one of the most popular decorative objects, which has been around for centuries. Its history can be traced more than 800 years back and with the change of time many changes were also incorporated with this decorative piece of lighting.

During its inception, chandelier light could be seen mostly within palaces where royalty and aristocracy that perpetuated its status with symbol of luxury, wealth and grandeur. If you try to trace its long history, then you can trace their presence somewhere between 15th and 19th centuries.

SOFARY was founded in Seattle, Washington, who employs a global supply chain for sourcing the latest designer lighting styles to make available modern crystal chandelier at affordable prices. They have partnered with all the best designers and manufacturers for designing and manufacturing to offer you their better deal.

Chandeliers of traditional crystal empire

Crystal basket chandelier are available with prisms of rectangular shape or octagonal shaped crystals of sparkling strands. Key elements of any traditional empire chandeliers will be with soft bag or basket with crystal strand neck and elaborate trimming with crystals.

Few chandeliers also have metal arms of silver or gold. The frame has either jeweled banding or any intricate design.

Chandeliers with modern empire style

Chandeliers are updated with the appearance of crystal, smooth clear bead and pearl beaded trimmings. Besides that, sleek chrome frames will add clean and modern styling by maintaining empire shape. The purpose remains the same, while updated trimming with simple framework will be the twist.

In dining room or foyer, basket style of crystal chandeliers are considered as the wow factor.  A polished chrome frame coupled with modern trimmings will suit other spaces too.

Empire-style ceiling lights

You can find empire baskets in the ceiling light designs too. Either of traditional crystal as well as modern crystal with beaded flush mounts will be ideal for your spaces having low ceilings. Usually crystal ceiling lights will suit bedrooms, hallways and half baths. Softness of basket will add more dimension to your space.

How to trim crystal empire basket

Following are few useful tips about trimming your empire chandelier. Usually, trimming will need little time and patience, however final result will be worth the effort.

  • After your electrician finished installation of frame, ensure that clear bottom mounting-disc are attached to frame. Usually disc will hang by small chain.
  • Start with crystal strands that is labeled on trimming instructions which  will form “bottom basket”
  • Now secure the first crystal strand to clear disc and then follow pattern until entire strands are attached. The entire strands will be then hanging down
  • Now take 1 strand to attach it with mounting hole on frame and continue until entire crystal strands are attached. This can form basket shape. Ensure that no holes are missed.
  • For trimming the top of empire basket, you can start at top band and then attach the entire strands. Don’t try to attach crystal to lower hole-sets. The ends of all the strands will remain attached to the frame.

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