1. Sales Experience

    1. Having sales experience makes for an approachable person. No need to shy away from inviting this guy to your office Christmas party. Instead, he’ll be the life of the party! And who knows, his charming ways might possibly get you that raise you’ve been working so hard for.
    2. This man knows how to dress and carry himself with confidence. A well learned and often practiced trait that has become part of him.
    3. He can find the good in any situation and by that I mean he can transition a failing conversation topic into a win because he is great at keeping the ball rolling in a positive direction.
  2. Impress The Folks

    1. This guy knows how to work hard. From the experience of being paid commission, he isn’t a quitter. In fact, this challenge has made him better understand the importance of getting the job done. He will give your parents the comfort of knowing you’ll be taken care of financially.
    2. His profession is a service which means he’s often thinking of others rather than himself. Who doesn’t want a guy like that? Any man who has sold pest control will most likely offer to help clear the table after a meal. He appreciates the services done for him and is always willing to show it.
  3. You Will Never Have To Kill Another Spider

    1. When it comes to pesky pests sneaking around, this guy has seen it all! Don’t worry about losing another round of rock-paper-scissors for who has to kill the spider ever again! With this guy around, he will make sure you never lay eyes on another spider again. With his knowledge of pest removal or keeping them out all together, he is the perfect secret weapon.


This short list should be reasons enough to choose to exclusively date a man who’s worked in pest control in Minnesota. One word of warning however, when dating a guy with this many perfect qualities, you might slip out the “L” word on the first date. Awe heck, follow your gut and say it! Tis’ the season for mistletoe and love in the air.

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