So, you have decided to develop a Magento e-commerce website.

Undeniably, Magento is a great option for designing e-commerce stores. Magento is an open source platform with plenty of plugins and extensions to help you. These plugins and extensions will ensure that your website sticks out and is famous. These are vital plugins that every e-commerce site should have.

With this being said, here are few Magento plugins and extensions for your e-commerce store.

Feature #1

To begin with, you must include “Shop by Brand”. As suggested by its name, this feature helps customers choose products based on the brand. Every brand would have a landing page. In this page, you can include details of the brand, product, its logo and unique features. With the help of this extension, SEO becomes easier on each landing page.

Feature #2

As simple as it sounds, do you know that customers admire the “Zoom feature when you mouse over on an image”?

This feature is becoming famous in many e-commerce websites. This extension helps customers see a zoomed version of the image. As soon as the mouse moves over the image, a box with the zoomed version appears.

Many e-commerce websites like and have this feature.

Feature #3

In this modern era, the talk about search engine optimization becomes difficult without blogs and articles.

Do you know that Magento websites allow developers to design and build blogs from scratch? The extension is not as complicated and sophisticated as Movable Type or WordPress. However, you have all the basics a blog needs.

What makes the Magento blogs special is that it is absolutely free.

Feature #4

If your business relies on drop shipping, this extension will be of great use.

By definition, drop shipping management helps business owners manage all their orders. In Magento, drop shipping management is an important feature. The extension offers a price tag that can help you match products and drop shipping!

Indeed, drop shipping in Magento is a robust feature.

Feature #5

Most e-commerce business owners spend thousands of dollars on advertisements. They look for service providers with minimum advertisement costs.

If you are looking for minimum advertising charges, Magento can help you. You will be able to sell and advertisement products through the MAP policy. The MAP policy ensures that all products and services are advertised at minimal rates.

An “interesting” thing about this extension would be its “user-friendly” nature. The MAP policy doesn’t interfere with vendor and business relationships.

Feature #6

Integration with third-party tools like Quick Books is vital. If you want your business to be successful for a very long time, you need third-party tools.

QuickBooks is a famous tool for accounting. And, accounting is the nerve of any business. With this extension, you will be able to synchronize and manage all orders. Undeniably, QuickBooks is worth the money you pay.

The Ultimate Bottom Line

On the whole, you have so many Magento extensions to invest on. Every extension comes with benefits and features that can enhance your e-commerce website.

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