Private investigators play an integral role within our society. These individuals will handle cases that are not typically taken care of by law enforcement agencies, yet they still function within the corporate and justice system. In the special realm of private investigation, many private investigators will select a specialty that their company will lean towards when choosing cases to work on. While there are an innumerable amount of specialties private investigators can take on, there are quite a few that are more dominant than the rest. Let’s take a look at some of the top cases–specialties–that private investigators typically handle:

  • Background checks: Countless private investigators provide individuals with background check services. Background checks consist of checking a person’s history, revealing critical information–their credit, criminal history, professional history, social connections etc. While background checks can serve personal motives, many places of employment will use them to learn more about their potential employees. Additionally, many government positions will use background checks to give certain personnel security clearance. Since there’s a high demand for background checks, these tend to be the most frequent cases that private investigators will take on.
  • Infidelity investigations: Another highly common case that private investigators will work on are infidelity investigations. Usually, these investigations will come about when a spouse has suspicions of cheating and, therefore, will be requested by the suspicious party. Typically, private investigators will conduct surveillance until they obtain the evidence they need.
  • Family law: More often than not, private investigators are hired for various family law matters. For these cases, investigators will be hired to help collect evidence that can potentially be used in trials. The most common family law matters usually consist of divorce cases and child custody cases. However, family law cases can also consist of finding missing persons or locate the birth parents of adopted individuals.
  • Surveillance: Private investigators also work on various surveillance cases. These cases will be sought out by individuals who believe they are in danger, being stalked, etc. Surveillance cases are also executed in various civil investigations or cases involving worker’s compensation, personal injury, fraud, and more.

Since private investigators accumulate countless pieces of information, they can be an asset in court hearings. While these are only a few examples, private investigators take on various cases that range from simple to quite complex. Private investigators can be used for personal use, corporate use, and even federal use. Their tools and expertise are highly versatile, and they are truly an asset in every case they take on.

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This post was written by Specialized Investigation Consultants. Specialized Investigations Consultants is a professional Miami-based investigation company founded, owned and operated by current and retired law enforcement professionals. Our Miami-based investigations business serves all of South Florida with over 100 years of combined State, Federal and Local law enforcement experience.

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