Those living in a warm climate might not appreciate much the heat from a fireplace but for us in a colder climate, a fireplace is certainly a blessing.

A Fireplace (if you’re not already familiar with it,) is often a hollow cubical structure that’s built to heat up a room. It makes use of a heat source.

When it comes to choosing a fireplace, you have lots of options. There are different types of fireplace based on the type of fuel they use as well as different structures.

The different types of fireplace based on the type of fuel includes:

  • Wood fireplace
  • Gas Fireplace
  • Biofuel fireplace
  • Pellet fireplace
  • Electric fireplace
  • Gel fireplace
  • Coal fireplace

You have lots of options when it comes to choosing a fireplace place. The numbers, however, is not the problem. What we want from a fireplace and which is most important are the heat, and ambiance the fireplace produces and its efficiency.

Taking the above into consideration, we’ll be focusing on basically three fireplaces which we believe are the most efficient and requires less work to keep it running.

Most efficient types of Fireplaces

Gas Fireplace

Gas Fireplace involves the burning of natural gas or propane to heat a room.

A gas fireplace comes in two different forms: vented and unvented. The vented fireplace uses fresh air from outdoor to burn the gas while returning the waste outside. While this type of gas is cleaner, it is less efficient as some of the heat will be lost to the atmosphere.

Unvented gas Fireplace makes use of indoor air to burn the gas and keeps the waste indoors. This is often not a problem since gases do not leave much harmful waste. Also, unvented gas Fireplace is made in such a way that it automatically shuts down once the oxygen levels in the room reach a low level so you can breathe comfortably.

A gas fireplace while easy to operate is not very efficient. Heat is easily lost to the environment especially when using the vented type. But it’s pretty easy to operate so you might consider getting one.

Biofuel fireplace

Biofuel fireplace is probably the most efficient fireplace.

This relatively new type of fireplace makes use of Ethanol (alcohol) as fuel. The beauty of the biofuel fireplace is that it is environmentally friendly and burns with zero residues – no soot, no harmful carbon(II)oxide – it burns with clean hot flames which can quickly warm up your room.

Biofuel fireplace like the gas fireplace is very easy to operate and can be controlled with a remote.

While the biofuel fireplace may be your best option, it is more expensive and often leaves water vapors on your window panes.

Pellets fireplace

Pellet fireplace makes use of compressed sawdust as fuel. The pellet fireplace burns cleaner than a wood fireplace but nonetheless produces residues and will need to be cleaned out once in a while.

Pellets fireplace are relatively efficient but might cause a slight increase in your electricity bills as it relies on electricity to run smoothly.

While the biofuel fireplace may be more efficient than any other type of fireplace, it is more expensive to install. Gas Fireplace comes second place and is a great option if you want a fireplace that will keep you warm.

The pellet fireplace is not as clean as the above but nonetheless a great fireplace plus it is easy to run as you can control it with a remote also.

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