When it comes to the industry of electrical, engineering, or an impressively running engine with unmatchable technology, let’s face it, nothing says ‘perfect entertainment’ like a Laser Man Show!


For one, because it is INCREDIBLY IMPRESSIVE, and it is the perfect fit for that engineering / electric industry client who is looking for that specific act to wow their technologically expert employees or guests, with an artistic interpretation of their own craft.

The play with lights is especially a sight to behold, as the artist seemingly picks up a light in his hands, not unlike the badassery of a Star Wars’ lightsaber, and bends it at his will.

It’s difficult to explain accurately what this means, and people around me are starting to form discussions in attempt to decipher the code behind the craft, which resulted in a number of interesting outcomes. But the one thing I acquired knowledge about regarding this particular type of show (a little trade secret reveal here), is that without a performer who can really sell the idea, the show will more than likely look like a bunch of lights emerging from a platform below, with no impact whatsoever. Which clearly defeats the idea of a Performance.

I mean, get ready to set aside a mid 4-figure budget for something like this.

With the setup, the movers, the team involved, the engineering that goes behind the making of the show.. do the quality of the lasers matter? What makes this 3-6min show worth so much buzz and that price tag?

Speaking with the creator of the show, Mickael Bellemene, a French International Visual Performer (currently based in Singapore) with 3 years of experience performing and creating shows in Disneyland, I discovered that a 7.1Watt German laser (obviously) trumps the 3Watt China-made ones available on AliExpress. And for good reason too – why pay the price-tag for compromised visibility?

Made sense.

And after a little more questioning, they revealed that the technology behind it is only one aspect of the entire process of creating this Laser Man show. Even having said that, I am told that this laser show is the only one of its kind in the world, telling a vivid story of the ‘God of Light’ and how he incorporates his original artistic craft of ‘prop-manipulation’ / ‘contact juggling’, juxtaposing that magical aspect into the futuristic show technology that he presents before us.

Now, having witnessed that performance first hand, I had to agree that the most important thing about a show like this, has got to be the Performer.

This is really a question of the right balance of all components, as well as a testament to the idea of ‘collaboration’. A collaboration of the brain-child of one of Singapore’s most riveting French performers, the laser-calibration expertise of his show engineer, Sam, and the connections that they have made throughout these past 4 years of show creation and customization for the corporate world. A painstaking 12 months of creation, but a result that blew our minds.

If you have a budget, negotiation is key.

But while cheaper is Sometimes good enough, you never know better until you’ve seen better.

And I think this Frenchman may have just set the bar for me.

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