Corporate Christmas gifts are a pleasure that only comes around once a year. We all know this right? Well, here is one you probably didn’t think about. How many Christmases do you think you will have a chance to give or get a corporate christmas gift. The chances are you get maybe 30-40 at most. To think about this is kinda interesting. Not to put a damper on your life or anything, it comes down to making them special. In other words, how many will you really remember as special, or use for a long time. This can create a strong Corporate or Brand image for clients and employees. The list of corporate gifts is long and boring. Let’s go over a few . The tote bag, leather journal, briefcase. These are nice, depending on the quality. Phone chargers and accessories are cool too, especially emergency phone charger banks. Pen and pencil sets are great along with a company wallet. Everybody loves food baskets and subscription boxes, but they don’t last long though. A good quality flashlight or watch with company logo is cool also. Then there is the great stand by, the gift card. All these gift ideas work for clients as well as employees. So remember it’s not the gift that counts it’s the thought, and if you want to remain in your clients thoughts, you better make the gift thoughtful.

The company tote bag is great for a cheap gift idea with the company logo. Make it leather and you have a nice gift. Leather journals and pholio’s are perfect for clients and employees. They will use them double duty, and it’s all good for the business. Backpacks and briefcases can get a little pricer. Again, quality is key.

Something we all need and do not think about unless we have fallen prey to the dead battery and nowhere to charge it episode. The phone charger bank is great for emergencies. You can use it to get your phone up and running in a tight spot. Embossed with the company logo and it will stick in a clients memory when it saves their day.

The company pen and pencil set. A thoughtful idea. When of good quality it can work wonders for the company image, client and employees alike. Clients call on your competition on the regular. It could serve intimidating to see them holding a nice pen with your company logo in their hand, think about it. Today’s business world has changed. Use it to your advantage.

The wallet him/hers with the company logo across it is a neat gift. Good quality, like leather, is key here. You want them to use it. For the company employees it is always nice to have the company Christmas bonus tucked inside. It will be appreciated more.

Food is always nice in the form of gift baskets and subscription boxes. The gift basket will not last long, however the subscription box sure will. A very impressive way to remind a valued client that the company cares about their interests.

A flashlight or watch of decent quality can be a thoughtful gift. The flashlight could come in handy when needed in a special situation that will remind them the company cares. A watch will be around a while also.

Then there is the gift card. Unsentimental? I don’t think so. Very thoughtful when the money amount is right and/or the choice is extraordinary. Put some thought into them.

Corporate Christmas gifts do not have to be forgotten. The best gifts will stick around not only in the clients heads, but your competition’s also. Same with the employees, make them thoughtful and the thought will return to the company.

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