You’re a bridesmaid and you don’t know what to do for bachelorette party gifts. The bride already has to worry about bridesmaids gifts, and most guests have to think about wedding gifts. As a bridesmaid, this is your time to shine.

Of course, you’re going to book the best party on the planet, but you also want to do it in style. This doesn’t pertain to classic style, but fun style. That fun style comes in the form of bridesmaid shirts.

These bridesmaid shirts comes in many forms, and they are sometimes referred to as bachelorette party shirts. Before getting to several popular options, it should be noted that you can also design your own shirt or use custom text. For now, let’s break down some of those classic bridesmaid shirts.

The first is the classic retro bridesmaid shirt, which comes with the word Bride, Babe, or Squad printed on the front. Another classic option is the fun and cute Bride shirt. These are excellent options for those who want to keep it simple and have a good time. These shirts are ideal if you want to go out for a big dinner, have a slumber party, or if you want to do something active like axe-throwing, bowling, or miniature golf.

From there, you get into shirts with more specific messages. For instance, you can buy Girl Gang bridesmaid shirts. Regardless of where you go, this is good for camaraderie. When everyone is wearing a Girl Gang shirt, it makes each person feel like they’re a part of the team. This has a strong psychological impact because it can help prevent drama among the girls who are going to the bachelorette party. Another one of the more upbeat bridesmaid shirts is Bride Squad. This sends the same kind of message. For the bride, you can get her the I Said Yet shirt. This sends the message that the bride is excited about her commitment.

If you want to go for bridesmaid shirts that are a little edgier, one good option is Till Death Do Us Party. This means this is going to be the night of your lives. It’s all about fun and celebration. This is likely to include music, drink, dance, and more.

Other bridesmaid shirts that stick with the party theme include My Last Ride Before Bride, Boots and Bling Before the Ring, Wife of the Party, My Final Fiesta, and I’m Getting Plocked Up.

Before choosing the best bridesmaid shirts for everyone going to the bachelorette party, remember not to hold back. If you play is safe, the shirts you buy for the bridesmaids are not going to be memorable. It’s always better to take a little more risk for a bachelorette party because it will lead to a lot of hoots, hollers, excitement, fun, and most important of all, memories.

Another key point here is to remind all the bridesmaids to keep their bachelorette party shirts. By doing so, whenever someone is feeling down in the future, they can take one quick glance at that shirt and relive that special night.

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