We all know how a good night out can be enhanced if your drink to mixer ratios begin to alter as the evening progresses, or in some cases of my crazy friends, they like to ‘alter’ their drinks from the get-go and get the party started as soon as possible. Hilarious yes, but for a lightweight like me, this is not an option.

It only makes logical sense that a 3-quarter glass of bourbon and a splash of a mixer is going to get the ball rolling in your system at a speed, and soon you’ll be at that point of bad dance moves and thinking your jokes are funny, it’s not a good look. But for some killer moves, check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqB6zWQaWV0, you’ll be the life of the party.

So why would this scenario be any different when it came to using CBD in conjunction with THC? We’ll discuss it further as we continue.

Both of these elements come from the naturally grown and harvested hemp flower plant, which is the distant cousin of the marijuana family.

Individually they provide different qualities and effects, and together, coming essentially from the same foundation, they work in great harmony to give the consumer or user the best of both worlds. And aren’t we all looking to have our cake and eat it too whenever we get the chance? If a cake is involved, I’m always in.


CBD is the new kid on the block and gaining significant popularity as its awareness expands the globe, it is used for treating and preventing ailments in the body by reacting with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system that already produces cannabinoids. Thus, it is adding more sprinkles to an already sprinkled cake, so it’s a win-win.

The advantages of CBD run from relieving muscle aches and pains to the stiffness of joints, and the management of the symptoms brought on from chemotherapy treatment. And there are plenty more, click this link and see how adding CBD into your lifestyle can not only benefit you but give you a better quality of life.

THC seems like it has had a shadow cast over it, being dubbed the black swan, yet there is a silver lining to that dark cloud. While it does offer the person, the psychoactive component altering their state of mind to what some refer to as ‘euphoria’ and others ‘a high,’ it may bring much-needed relief to a difficult time or situation for those who need a sense of freedom.


The big question on everyone’s lips, can the flavors work together for the greater good? If it was me and I had to decide between vanilla and cream cheese frosting, then yes I’d say they do work together and you should pile them both onto the cake. The result is that you get the benefit of both flavors as well as how well the combine.

It is the same when we refer to CBD and THC and if they should ever be used together. On their own, they work great and react well with the receptors in the body and endocannabinoid system, but when they are put side by side (correct ratios relevant at this point), they become optimal and provide the ultimate advantage of receptor effects.

A great discussion for those who are both users of CBD and THC and support each for their characteristics, take a minute and read this great article at Cheefbotanicals to see what others have to say about it. We are always open to learning more, and with no concrete evidence yet written into medical journals, knowledge is power.

If not why not.

Whether you are a CBD fan or THC indulger, have experienced both effects and enjoyed the results, wanting to have the best of both is not a surprise. As a CBD user, I rave about the products to anyone who will listen, and with friends who use THC and express their artistic stories, I can see why it is so appealing to want to have it all.

We have one life, tomorrow is never a given, life the life you want, if this means using them together, I say go for it and enjoy the ride.

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