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Vaping may be convenient and all that. However, it is essential to note that you do not get to enjoy the convenience of getting nicotine without creating a cloud of smoke around you or disturbing non-smokers around you. It seems to be quite unfair, right? Considering the fact that you are not making people around you passive smokers, or annoying them with unpleasant tobacco scent.

You could get locked up for vaping in places in the world that have harsh e-cig regulation. In order for you to enjoy using the vape pen you just bought during your vacations, you need to have at least an idea of places that you could get in the wrong side of the law for using your pen.

  1. Dubai

Everyone loves Dubai. Instead, being in this part of the world is most people’s dream. As you enjoy the desert safaris, there is something that you cannot get caught doing: vaping. Dubai has stringent laws against electronic cigarettes. Well, there is a chance that you could get away with it. However, the probability is high that your vaping device could get confiscated even if you are on transit.

  1. Qatar Airways

If you are flying with Qatar Airways, sorry: but you cannot possibly use your vape pen here. Well, it is not the only airline that restricts you from vaping. Most of them do. The catch is that you can do it stealthily. The rule, nevertheless, is that you should never get caught. What are the consequences of getting caught? You could end up spending a minimum of 28 hours in prison. The worst part is that you could get banned from flying with this airline.

  1. Singapore

Yes, you could get in trouble here for a couple of things about vaping. One is buying electronic cigarettes, two, owning one, and also vaping itself. How serious is it? Well, you might end up digging deep into your pockets for this. Note that breaking the law itself attracts a penalty of up to $2000. Also, if you are buying or shipping them and get caught, you will end up serving six months or jail time or part with $10,000. Get caught again and the penalty doubles. Stay out of trouble!

  1. Thailand

This is also another place in the world that you cannot be found dead vaping. It is believed that one could end up spending ten years in jail for that. A whole decade! As much as the law is there, the enforcement does not seem to be as tight. That means you could probably get away with sneaking and vaping. However, it is advisable that you be careful in Thailand if you are a passionate vaper.

While vaping is banned in some jurisdictions, it is not in bad faith. The idea is usually to protect the people from the health implications brought about by smoking and vaping. As you travel the world, it is important to find out if the particular area you will be visiting has its reservations about vaping.

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Posted by Penny S. Lopez

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