Wakeboarding is a tandem dance between the boat driver and wakeboarders. A good wakeboard session is only possible if you have someone to pull you.

What are the most important skills for a boat driver who pulls a wakeboard?

  • Drive the boat at wakeboarding speed. For beginners, wakeboarders should be able to go at 12-15 mph, intermediates can go at 15-18 mph, and advanced riders can go 18-22 mph.
  • To avoid fighting your wake and rolling and causing water problems, learn driving patterns
  • To get your wakeboarder planning on the water, use steady acceleration
  • Use straight lines to make a steady wake for your wakeboarder
  • Pull the throttle when the wakeboarder is down and wait for the waves to disperse.
  • To grab a fallen wakeboarder, use the correct driving patterns at idle speed.
  • Use hand signals to communicate with your wakeboarder and stay focused on them.
  • Learn to reduce boat speed in order to soften landings

Towing a wakeboarder can be different than pulling a water skier. Skiers require a powerful start at full throttle. A wakeboarder, on the other hand, can jump onto the water at a speed that is barely above idle.

The acceleration for wakeboarding should be slower than the moment the rider steps on the board. There should not be any “hitting it” as with skiing. You must move the throttle slowly as a boat driver.

Smaller riders, e.g. Younger riders, e.g. Although it is easier to work the board at higher pull speeds, riders can start slow and feel less intimidated.

However, beginners often need a little more throttle. This is because some learners will fight the pull and stand up earlier than if the boat pulls them up in a crouched position.

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