You will be familiar with one of the most controversial questions asked to a man and a woman, “Can they really be just friends?”In case a woman and man like many things about each other and they’re friendly enough with each other, why can’t they just date each other? What is it that prevents them from feeling romantically about each other? There are many films which have dealt with this topic of a man and woman sharing platonic relationships but most of them have a spoiler at the end where they end up being together and thereby proving it wrong that a man and a woman can never be friends. notes that the relationship between a man and a woman can definitely be platonic and there have been many people who have shared platonic relations with their best friends who are of the opposite sex. Read on to know more on this.

Platonic friendships and women

As long as women are attracted towards men, they’re usually impressed by the personality of a man. Though looks also play a part in it, the man’s ability to make her laugh and to carry on a good conversation are also few other things women find in men. When their male friends are already in a relationship, women turn to them for advice. If a woman starts expecting her partner to be like any of her male friend, this is when things start getting dangerous.

Nevertheless, it might also happen that the woman is only looking for advice or a good conversation and she is keeping the relationship rather platonic. She might be turning to his friend only for comradery and never for romance.

Platonic relationships and men

Men, on the contrary, usually struggle to keep things platonic. Men get attracted to women typically by their looks. Their sexual desire forces him to learn more and more about a woman and this later on makes him fall in love with her. Men are naturally drawn to women who are their good mates and hence keeping a relation platonic is tough for a man. For them, attraction is everything. As soon as they get attracted, they stop feeling platonic.

Men usually tend to cross the line even though there might have been an invisible line drawn by the friends. Hence, men mostly fail in case of platonic relationships.

In case there’s no such physical attraction between a female and a male, it is feasible that they can share a platonic relation. But once there is attraction, the relationship fails to remain platonic.

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