Gadgets designed to improve one’s health are sold regularly.  But one need not rely on high-tech devices to boost their general well-being.  Rocking, for instance, is a natural soothing and healing motion, and it is on this health benefits that the makers of Ready Rocker™ designed and built their revolutionary product.

A study done by the University of Rochester noted that the motion of rocking improves the psychological well-being of nursing home residents suffering from severe types of dementia.  The same study implies that the motion results in a release of endorphins, elevating the patients’ mood while relieving pain.  Moreover, rocking has been recognized to calm babies, seemingly offering similar health benefits for adults.  Thus with the Ready Rocker™ as one’s portable rocker, one can enjoy the health benefits that rocking brings.

Rocking leads to a decrease in anxiety and depression among the elderly.  The activity helps in many significant ways, including substituting for medications with detrimental side effects, which makes it an acceptable option for people who suffer from such conditions.

For those who aspire to have toned muscles, rocking can be a means to tone the leg and ab muscles, especially for those who are unable to endure weighted exercises.  In addition, the motion can avert pain signals from traveling from one’s back to their brain.

For babies suffering from colic, rocking may reduce episodes of crying and sleeplessness.  As the motion simulates the sensation of being inside a mother’s womb, it provides comfort and promotes sleep in infants.

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