State lawmakers are scrambling to review their cannabis laws in light of Delta-8. Some even attempt to amend the laws to make it illegal. Delta-8 is a chance for other states to relax their cannabis laws.

Here’s the problem: Delta-8 THC can also be extracted from hemp. This is a huge plus for anyone involved in the hemp industry. There have been no problems. Delta-8 THC is similar to Delta-9. It has not shown any signs of addictive or fatal properties. There have been decreases of crime and addiction in states that legalized cannabis, but not an increase.

For most states, full legalization will be in the near future. Therefore, there is little incentive to ban Delta-8, if all cannabis products are legalized soon.

Alabama legislators revisited House Bill 2 in an effort to include Delta 8 and Delta 10 in the bill. This effectively banned both. These items were then removed before the bill was approved.

Soon thereafter, an Alabama bill was passed that legalized medical marijuana for the first-ever time in history. This has caused a remarkable shift in state attitudes towards marijuana which were historically very negative.

Similar incidents have also occurred in other states. Some lawmakers decided to either ban Delta-8 (at least temporarily) or remove it altogether.

Although it is possible to say that Delta-8 has been detrimental to certain state laws, the majority of states have either been helped or unaffected by the reforms.

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