It’s that time of the year again, and nothing says Christmas quite like a fresh, live Christmas tree. Unfortunately for you, sometimes, you may end up getting more than you bargained for, when the insects that call your choice of the perfect Christmas tree home, decide to join you and the family for the holidays.

Mites, scale insects, aphids, bark beetles, adelgids, praying mantids and spiders are just among some of the insects that you may find on your Christmas tree. Here are 5 surefire ways to help you keep these bugs out of your tree this festive season

  1. Make Careful Examinations Before Buying. 

Check the trunk from top to bottom for any signs of infestations. Be sure to take your time and inspect the undersides of the trees branches. Real trees have fuller branches compared to artificial Christmas trees and insects find a perfect hiding place under these branches. If a tree seems too heavily infested with insects, however much you may have already fallen in love with it, it would be wise to move on from that particular tree and find another one.

  1. Vigorously Shake The Tree Before Getting It Into Your Home.

By so doing, you will knock out insects and egg cases from your tree. Do not be shy about it, put as much effort into it as your efforts will be rewarded. You may end up shaking off some needles off your tree, which is a good thing, considering that they would otherwise end up on your living room floor later.

  1. Turn Up The Heat

The bugs on your Christmas tree are no doubt used to the climate outside. Adjusting your thermostat a few degrees up will cause some of these insects to die off before they can adapt to the new temperatures. For those that are lucky, rest assured that they will be making a hasty exit out of your home and back to the outdoors for their own survival.

It is important to note that such warm temperatures are perfect when it comes to hatching of insect eggs. That you should really exert yourself when shaking off the tree cannot, therefore, be overstated.

  1. Regularly Vacuum Around The Tree

Most of these bugs will fall off the tree at some point, dead, or alive. Be sure to regularly vacuum around the tree. Sometimes it’s best to just wait for Mother Nature to take its course and clean up after her.

  1. Do Not Spray Aerosol Pesticides On Your Tree

Aerosol bug sprays and other pesticides are flammable. These products will then coat the tree needles and branches upon application. Considering the fact that you have strings of Christmas lights decorating your tree, you will no doubt be doing more harm than good by spraying your tree.

These tips, from local pest control experts like, have been tested and tried and proven effective in keeping your fresh Christmas tree pest-free. Don’t allow the bugs to take the joy out of your holidays, because it is indeed the season to make merry.

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