If you are planning a business trip to Cannes, then you will need to make the necessary arrangements. One of the reservations you need to make in advance is accommodation. A study shows that over 80% of travellers prefer staying in rental apartments over hotel rooms. Among the advantages of staying in a rental apartment are privacy, safety, comfort and affordable prices. Although there are thousands of apartments you can stay in, you need to search for the best corporate accommodation in Cannes. Here is a guide to follow to determine the right rental apartment.

Search online

This is the most convenient way to find available rental apartments. Wherever you are, you can choose and book an apartment online. There are hundreds of sites you can visit to book an apartment. However, you need to be cautious of scammers. You can check on apartment availability by contacting the management.

Consider apartment features

After making a list of available rental apartments, the next step is to compare their features. Will you have your own balcony? How about the size of the living room? How many bedrooms in each apartment? Most business colleagues prefer to rent a large apartment with several bedrooms when travelling for a corporate meeting.

Enquire about amenities

Despite being a corporate trip, you need to enjoy your short stay in Cannes. The apartment you choose to stay in should provide a luxurious, comfortable and memorable experience. In fact, you want to feel like you are at home. Some of the amenities you can enjoy in a modern rental apartment are internet service, dishwasher, washing machine and airport transfer services.


Where will you be holding your corporate meeting? As you compare apartments, look for apartments you can easily access as you go about your business. The location of the apartment also determines its proximity to business centres.

Confirm availability

This is an essential step to be sure of a rental apartment. You need to communicate your check-in and check-out times for bookings. The apartment management will communicate in advance as to whether your preferred apartment will be available at the time you require.

Read the terms and conditions

Each apartment management team has its own terms. It is your responsibility to go through the terms to determine whether they are favourable.

Make a reservation

You are only assured of an apartment after making a reservation. You may need to pay a certain percentage of the cost as a deposit.

By following these steps, you will be assured of staying in the best rental apartment. Enjoy your business trip by reserving one of the luxurious and spacious apartments in Cannes. You can also compare quotes from several apartment renters to determine the most affordable accommodation in Cannes.


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