The horrible moment it is when one got to know that he or she is suffering from Parkinson’s disease. It is a common disease in elderly people and is not easily predicted and prevented. The disease is basically a movement disorder and is characterized by slow movement of legs, hands, jaws or head where the patient has the impaired balance.

Sometimes when the patient experiences the physical disturbances at the same time there can be chances of mood disturbances. They go into depression as it is seen that 90% of the patients suffer from anxiety because of PD.

It means that patient have to depend on medication for the long treatment. It becomes very difficult to visit doctors and dispensaries for the prescription and medicines but now it becomes very easy to have all at your doorstep. Canadian Pharmacy stores are offering all your medicines requirements right at your doorsteps. Online pharmacies are working their best to provide you the best service in the dire conditions.

Sometimes it is seen that a person suffering from PD suffer from short-term memory loss, lack of impulse, control, evaluating the clarity of surrounding situations. Over time these symptoms get worse and the patient totally gets distracted from the society and family. Changes in facial expressions, difficulty in swallowing, sexual difficulty and speech impediments are some of the symptoms when the patient has worse effects of PD.

The definite cause of PD is not known but it is considered a disease. But still, some of the causes like trauma, head injury, cerebral anoxia, and drug-related issues can be considered for the PD. When the collection of signs and symptoms are there in a person then it is called a syndrome, but if we consider it in the disease it should have the root cause and there should be one single cure working for the PD.

Dealing with the collection of signs and symptoms becomes quite difficult. Drugs are recommended to the patient, not for the complete cure but to improve the symptoms. Levodopa is the main agent that is used to treat the patient suffering from PD.

Patients when experiencing the same symptoms after medications that mean not having any kind of improvement in the symptoms then surgery is performed. Deep brain stimulation is applied. It works as a pacemaker and is implanted in the chest and penetrates deep into the brain. It helps in sending the electrical impulse and controlling the motor functions. But this treatment is dominating over the symptoms when the medicines no longer work.

Except for these surgeries and medicines, the patient is also prescribed herbs and nutrients in their diet. For the symptoms like pain, restless legs, anxiety, trembling, depression homeopathy medicines are also used to alleviate the symptoms. Exercises are also there to improve symptoms. Pilates, tai-chi, and yoga are some of the body movement exercises to improve balance and coordination. This helps in blood circulation and ultimately helps in movement coordination.

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