Movies are capable of awakening all kinds of emotions: make us happy, make us cry with grief or laughter, inspire us… And even then, we usually only watch it to disconnect or to hang out. However, if we know how to harness its power, films can become one of our best allies to develop our maximum potential.

In this article, we are going to describe some films that invite to reflect and that you can watch streaming. The next time you need to see something inspiring or motivating, any one of these can give you the push you need. Just be sure to watch them with an open mind so you can appreciate everything they convey.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

What if you could completely erase a person from your past from your memory? Who hasn’t ever wondered who would be better off if they couldn’t remember one of their exes? This is precisely the premise of the first of our films that invite reflection. In this movie, the protagonist chooses to remove his ex-girlfriend from his memories to avoid missing her.

However, as in real life, things are not that simple for the Jim Carrey character. After meeting her again by chance, but without remembering anything about her, both begin a new love story that will leave you reflecting for days.

Groundhog Day

Phil Connors, a television presenter for a local television channel, has to cover Groundhog Day events. However, for unknown reasons, he is trapped in time and must live the same day over and over again.

At first, the protagonist feels all kinds of negative emotions, such as sadness or fear … However, little by little he realizes that he has to try to get the most out of his situation. Thus, he soon begins to change some of his actions to enjoy Groundhog Day as much as possible.

This film can help us to realize the impact that small decisions can have in our day to day. Definitely, our actions and thoughts are what determine the kind of life we ​​will experience. Why not consciously intervene in them?


Another of the films that invite reflection is Interstellar. It is a feature film that mixes science, current affairs and very human problems in almost three hours charged with intensity.

This feature film invites us to reflect on topics such as friendship, family, loneliness … But also on our responsibility to the planet, the conquest of space and the future of humanity. All this, with an accelerated rhythm that will not allow you to detach yourself from the screen for a minute.

V For Vendetta

The adaptation to the big screen of a book or a comic is rarely successful. However, the film version of Alan Moore’s graphic novel has become quite a mass phenomenon. In fact, his ideas have even managed to shape a social movement in the real world.

The film follows in the footsteps of V, a mysterious character who wants to end the oppression of the tyrannical UK government. In this dystopian world, the country is mired in tyranny and the protagonist wants to regain the freedom of citizens at all costs.

V for Vendetta is definitely one of the best films that invite reflection. After seeing it, it will be inevitable to rethink issues such as freedom, courage, sacrifice and government control. It is a feature film that has become a classic.

Fight Club

The last film on the list is the origin of one of the most repeated phrases of recent times: ‘We buy things we don’t want, with money we don’t have, just to impress people we don’t like’ This is the main theme of this film: the breakdown of social expectations and the decision to do what you really want.

However, instead of posing these questions in a positive light, The Fight Club does so from a rather obscure perspective. Nothing is outside the scope of this feature film: violence, death and madness are present throughout its duration.


In Memento we meet Leonard, a man who has a disease that prevents him from storing new memories. The reason for this suffering is that he suffered a severe blow to the head when trying to save his wife, however, he was unable to do so and she was murdered. With this anterograde amnesia, Leonard will try to reconstruct the steps of the murderer to discover who it was that ended the life of his wife.

This list of films that invite to reflect is not exhaustive; There are many movies that will make you think almost inevitably. However, with these six you have a good starting point to reflect.

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