Having dry skin after shaving? There are a few tips you can use to prepare the skin and reduce occurrence of dry skin. The condition called xerosis is characterized by lack of water and lipids by the skin and might start even before you save. These lipids and water help keep the skin smooth and supple.

The problem occurs at any age, although it is obvious that people at older age are more susceptible to experiencing a drier skin. It occurs for a number of reasons including dietary reasons, presence of dry air, and thyroid conditions as per the American Skin Association. The most common cause is dry air.

In addition to that, a poor shaving regimen can make worse the problem of a dry skin.

Here are tips that you can implement before and after saving if you experience a problem of a dry skin.

  1. Understand what a dry skin is, what causes it and how to solve it or minimize its impacts.
  2. Water temperature: Using a high water temperature when shaving or washing will help open pores and loosen a beard or hair on the legs. However, it will deplete naturally occurring oils on the skin. Hence, using hot water during showers, baths, face washing or shaving will make worse the problem of a dry face.

It is advisable to lower the temperature of water before using it on the face during these times. You need to use lukewarm water to shave and cool or cold water to rinse.

  1. Pre-wash: If washing your face or legs before you shaves, you need to use a mild soap or a natural abrasive like dry oatmeal to gently cleanse skin. Using soaps containing deodorants — especially the scented ones — will make worse the problem of a dry skin. Additionally, you need not rub your skin after pre-washing. A downtown Chicago barber will also use in addition to moisturizers to prepare your face for shaving.
  2. Use a moisturizer: Using a moisturizing agent before and after shaving — for instance the night before — will help the dry skin condition. Also, using a moisturizer helps create a smoother shave. A barber will also apply moisturizers to damp the skin before applying the shaving cream. You also need to pat your skin with a towel instead of wiping or rubbing it dry. You also should leave the skin damp in order that your moisturizer will absorb better.

Fat-dense soaps such as those with lanolin, cocoa butter or coconut oil are also considerable, and barbers also use natural moisturizer like petroleum jelly, aloe or an essential oil. You should also avoid aftershaves with alcohol, which can dry skin.

  1. The blade: The kind of shave you get will also determine whether a dry skin gets worse or not. For instance, a barber who is using a dull blade will require pressing harder to scrape hair from their skin. Dull blades will irritate dry, flaky skin and make your problem more annoying.

Another danger is that of cutting oneself when shaving and you will need to wipe the blood for several minutes and this means you get more water off your face.

  1. Rinsing: A downtown Chicago barber will rinse your face with cool or cold water to close pores. They might have to avoid using warm water, heat and steam which open pores and promotes loss of lipids. Even when at the shower, ensure to rinse your legs with cold water before getting out, or rinse the face in the sink with cold water.

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