Documentation as well as evidence are critical factors in a personal injury case. The moment the car crash takes place, it becomes important to start collecting significant information. Moreover, in case you are injured and aim to file a suit for damages, you would require the assistance of an experienced attorney. The required documentation varies from one case to another and a lawyer will tell you what is required to authenticate the claim for damages. Here are the documents that you would need:

  • Police Report

In case you are involved in a car crash, ensure you inform the police immediately, even if the crash is minor. When cops arrive at the scene, they will fill out a detailed report about the crash. The cop will include their impression of the crash along with any violation they think caused the crash. The report might have critical details that can help to settle the claim.

  • Information of Other Party

After being involved in a car crash, it is essential to exchange the contact information with the other person involved in the crash. The crash scene might be tense, however, be diligent in keeping record of all the persons involved. Provide the maximum information to your lawyer including driver’s license number, registration, license plate, applicable insurance, etc.

  • Witness Statement

While involved in an accident, it is obvious that you would need to give the statement reviewing the crash’s details. Above that, the witnesses would also be asked to provide their perspective of the events leading up to the accident along with the aftermath of the crash as well. Ensure you gather or write down statements of witnesses carefully from the police.  

  • Income Records

In case you missed your work due to injuries caused by the crash, you would be eligible for compensation for lost income. You would need to keep the records as well as evidence of payment before injury and time missed at work. The records would help the attorney assess the potential damages.

  • Insurance Policy

In case you have car insurance, you would need to show a copy of the policy to your lawyer. The policy would help in determining the kind of recovery you might be entitled to. In case you do not have a copy of the policy, consider contacting the insurance company to obtain it.

  • Pictures as well as Videos of Car Crash Scene

When the accident occurs, it is common to be confused and overwhelmed. However, it is essential to react wisely. Taking pictures and making videos after the accident can be helpful. These can provide a record of vehicles, roadway factors, and the scene. Take the close-up photos as well as wide shots of crash and damage as well. In case you were injured do not forget to get a photo of each injury.

Moreover, the pictures taken from your smartphone would include the date as well as time and help the attorney. In case you are still confused about the documents, have a word with a car accident lawyer Atlanta, GA. The expert would understand and evaluate your case and specify the documents required for the case.


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