Planning to adopt a pet or explore more on your pug? Bringing a pet home is a blissful experience but comes with a host of responsibilities. Knowing your pet well is the best way to establish a long-lasting bond with him and pugs are known to be expressive enough. Thus, aiding in the process of developing a seamless relationship between him and you.

Just like parenting a child, training your pug can appear to be an arduous journey. Finding an appropriate guide could help through the process. You can click through this to check out some fascinating details about your pug’s common personality traits and much more.

Caring for your dog is not just about training him well but also involves taking care of his diet, exercise regimen, and health. Here’s a snippet that introduces some common characteristics of pug to help you understand him better.


That wrinkled face is overtly charming, and you won’t be able to take your eyes off it for sure. Yes, pugs can be recognized from a distance. The flat face with adorable rumples all over distinguishes pugs from their other dog friends. This breed can be traced back to ancient China.

Known to be loyal companions of the Chinese emperors, they were exported to England in the 16th Century and soon became the lap friend of the British aristocracy. Ever since they continue to be one of the most affectionate and cuddlable pup breeds.

Love to cuddle? Pugs will reciprocate

Being a breed that epitomizes vigor and playfulness at the same time, pugs tend to be expressive lot. If you are looking for a four-legged mate that accompanies you through thick and thin, this breed is one of the most reliable.

You can easily call them family and they don’t take too long to seamlessly gel with people. All you need is to give them the desired attention through play-way. If you have children in the house, you can rest assured of enjoying some free time as pugs get along very well with kids.

On those lazy days when you would rather choose to stick to the couch, you might find your dog happily snoozing along. Yes, pugs sleep more than other breeds.

The smart breed 

Who wouldn’t want to train a quick learner breed? These observant pups are smart and know how to get their way. A little mischievous, this trait enhances their personality. It could feel slightly demanding as they behave stubbornly at times. Shower your love and patience and they’ll become your doting pet.

Like most other furry friends, pugs also shed although their cot could be deceiving. Regular brushing can ascertain their coarse hair to give them a natural dapper look. A good roller brush can massage their body, rendering comfort to your pugs. Check out ways to groom your pug at

Exercise is an essential aspect of training

Pugs aren’t giant-sized and it is their small built that allows them to adapt well to almost any space. They love walking and just a few minutes of walking every day should do them good. A dog who gets to flex his muscles regularly will also need to eat well to stay fit and healthy. Pugs are said to have a hearty appetite and thus exercise becomes mandatory to be fit.

Monitoring growth with special attention on weight is significant to keep risks of obesity at bay. Treating your pup does make them feel special, but it would be sensible to limit these in their best interest, especially in older pugs.

It is the endearing nature of pugs that make them so adorable. They are more sociable than you would think of a pet to be. So, even if you want to raise him along with a cat, it wouldn’t need much effort to settle them. Their similar sleeping patterns could become the best factor for your kitty and puppy to nap together.

You can always draw up a diet chart in consultation with your vet. Feeding holistic food would go a long way. Here’s more on what supplement can be offered to your pug dog breed.

In general, pugs are tolerant of children as well. It is their amiable nature that makes it easier for anyone else to gel with them. You would need to give them their space when they wish to relax or else, they might turn stubborn.

It is always best to be observant of your pet’s behavior as it helps in early identification of any health issue or other conditions bothering him. It is recommended that you always consult his vet before starting any new diet, supplements, or medication for his wellbeing.

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