There are plenty of people in the world who are interested in obtaining a second passport. Most don’t bother because they know it is easier said than done and the process can take years. But, they are usually not familiar with the concept of citizenship by investment. Yes, it means that you have to invest money in a country and when you are doing that, you want to reap the benefits too. There are various countries that have this program in place and offer great perks in return. Some of the prominent ones are:

  • Lifestyle

One of the biggest benefits of a citizenship by investment program is that it can provide you, as well as your family, with access to great services like healthcare, education, security and transport. For instance, applying for this program in a European country means that you can travel to any country that’s part of the European Union and even work and study there.

  • Return on Investment

Good programs like the Malta Citizenship by Investment offer you can excellent return on investment. In fact, it is better than other programs that give you the option of applying for citizenship. The returns can be as high as 12% and in some cases, you also get a buy-back guarantee once your application is approved.

  • Tax benefits

Another advantage of a citizenship by investment program is that once you have obtained citizenship, you can enjoy a number of tax benefits. In fact, investors can benefit from improved personal and corporate tax exposure. This can be incredibly helpful because it allows you to save more and reduce your liabilities in the long-term.

  • Easy travel

Freedom of travel is a prominent advantage of citizenship by investment. You don’t have to apply for a visa again and again and most countries have minimal requirements of time-in-country.

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