Smokers come from all walks of life, average, young, old, male, female, cultured, simple and traditional. Then, there is the well-seasoned and sophisticated smoker who takes pride and goes the extra mile to add flair to their smoking session. They don’t want just to light a cigarette but live to add a picturesque touch to their puffs. These people understand that smoking does not have to be a mundane affair and they do not shy away from experimenting with accessories.

If you are ready to jump into the bandwagon of classy smokers, here are a few accessories to get you started:

Smoking Pipes

Smoking pipes have been around for ages and are the oldest smoking accessories, consisting of a bowl for holding tobacco or other herbs like cannabis and a stem with a mouthpiece at its tip. Bowls are made from a variety of materials, including pearwood, porcelain, clay and synthetics.  Pipes are either made by machine or handcrafted and can be found in a wide range of shapes, and some popular shapes include the apple and the billiard. Stanwell pipes are the perfect accessory for classic, traditional elegance and are sure to grab the attention of people in your vicinity.


Vaping is quite the trend among smokers, especially those that desire to lower their tobacco intake or quit smoking altogether. Vaporizers are available in a wide number of sizes and designs to cater to various target markets.  Some vaping companies have made strides to offer luxury in their range of products in the form of gold plated vaporizers that not only provide a safer alternative to combustion smoking but add class to their sessions.


A humidor is any compartment with enough humidity to keep tobacco, cigars or cigarettes in crisp condition. Handcrafted humidors, some of which are the works of art of award-winning artists, are luxurious accessories associated with cigar lovers and sometimes come with personalized messages for sentimental smoking. Humidors are the ultimate luxury item for any cigar lover worth their salt and form the perfect compartment to store and showcase your classic cigar collection.

Classy Rolling Trays

Rolling trays are a necessity for smokers inclined to roll their tobacco or cannabis and are available in classy styles such as bamboo and crystal glass to add fun and blitz to your rolling sessions. Social smokers can showcase their rolling prowess on sturdy, classic trays without spilling their precious herbs or creating a mess.


Hookahs are devices that consist of a water pipe, a chamber for passing smoke, a bowl and a rubber hose. They have their origins in Persia and were originally a preserve of the wealthy in ancient civilizations. Hookahs are ideal for smoking flavored tobacco, marijuana and herbal shisha over water into the mouthpiece. Their beauty is a sight to behold and one of the reasons for their popularity.

These accessories are just a few of the numerous ones available in the market and are a sure way to provide the best smoking experience for smokers with a taste for life’s finer things. Quality accessories not only add flair but can be used for longer durations, saving the users reasonable amounts of cash.

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