Destination weddings are meant to be intimate affairs, with a relatively minimal amount of loved ones in the couple’s life to witness the union. As such, they must be spectacular, and nothing is more thrilling than saying your vows in the picturesque Bali, Indonesia. Let us look at two blissful Villa wedding venues in Bali that will leave an everlasting memory of your perfect day.

Villa Wedding

The wedding takes place in a villa located in some of the most breathtaking areas in Bali. Aside from the beautiful landscapes and features Bali has to offer, there are some little pleasures in the Bali culture that are worth experiencing. The wedding is just one part of your whole affair. There’s the honeymoon that comes after where you get to explore Bali’s greatness fully.

With Seven agency, you get to pick a villa located in the area of your choice, and whichever you choose, you are sure of a luxurious event. Having planned over 2,000 weddings over the years, they are experts in this field. Therefore, they have scouted the best possible villas all over the island for you to choose.

  1. Beach wedding

The Morabito Beach house is one of the most beautiful ones and why? Located in Berawa Beach, it is in the midst of a flowery one-hectare tropical park. Moreover, the architect, a French Jeweler, blended contemporary and ancient works of art to give it a unique finish. It gives you one fantastic scenery for your wedding; imagine the photos and videography background. I promise you will not want this day to end. Ever heard of heaven on earth? That is precisely the kind of experience you get. Bliss!

  1. Cliff Wedding

Imagine getting married overlooking a beautiful ocean or stunning highland landscape or even a lake. Honestly, you’d be lost in all these options while trying to get the best location for your wedding, but the cliff is one to consider. Furthermore, you get a guesthouse which is inclusive in the package fully staffed with a big team of personnel you need during your stay and for the ceremony.

The best thing about opting for villas is that you have personalized services who work on every detail to ensure that your big day is a success. As regards the number of people you can invite, you’d need to ask for a separate quote to cover all your guests. However, it is essential to note that destination weddings are ideal for a small number of guests, somewhere between 20 and 30 guests. The purpose is to be as intimate as possible, maximizing the experience for both the couple and the guests.

The Seven Agency wedding planner also does not limit you to only what the package covers. It is also possible to add other distinctive features in your wedding. For example, a fancy Mercedes Benz or police escort to your wedding, they can make this happen at an extra charge of course. The goal is to give you the wedding of your dreams.

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