Vomiting and diarrhea can become simple facts of life when you have a cat. Cats forage when they’re outside, and will try to sample human food, whether it’s good or bad for them. Upset stomachs are the natural result – and they can also be symptoms of much more serious health problems too!

Today we’re taking a look at how you can treat a cat for an upset stomach, so you can stop worrying about cat and kitten vomit and diarrhea and start giving them the help they need.

Keeping Hydrated

If your cat is throwing up or suffering diarrhea, then dehydration is a big risk. Cats are small creatures and dehydrate easily, especially if they’re finding it hard to hold water down when they drink.

If your cat is suffering an upset stomach then make sure they have access to plenty of fresh, clean water. If they’re reluctant to drink, then a cat drinking fountain might help to tempt them, as cats can be drawn in by the movement of the water.

An Easy Diet

You shouldn’t withhold food from a cat with digestive trouble, even if it’s having difficulty keeping it down. It can be harmful for cats to go without food – it can cause serious liver damage, so don’t stop feeding your cat when it’s sick. Instead, find an alternative, easily digestible diet that will tempt your cat’s palette, while being easy on their stomach. Boiled chicken breast or white fish, chopped up into bite size pieces with rice is a popular option that won’t tax your cat too much when it’s finding it hard to hold down food.

Finding the Cause

In many cases it can be hard to know why cats get sick – they’re very independent creatures, and can disappear exploring for hours at a time. It is worth having a quick think and checking off a few common concerns. If your cat is throwing up after meals, and it’s mostly undigested food then it could be because it’s eating too fast. Slowing down your cat’s eating by spreading their food out over a wider bowl could help.

Have a look around your house and garden for evidence your cat has been eating something it’s not meant to. It might be that they’ve simply found a way onto the counter and overindulged, but if they’ve consumed something toxic, your cat will need a trip to the vet without delay!

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