Kurta is one form of apparel present that is definitely present in every Indian’s wardrobe. Be it a man or a woman, no traditional festival or function goes by without wearing a kurta. It is not just traditional, but also very comfortable, available in a range of colours and can be teamed up with different styles of pants.

Traditional kurta for men are available throughout the nation and even on online stores. These can be worn during weddings and festivals. Shopping for kurtas in stores and supermarkets is easy as you can try out the size, length and patterns. Online shoppers must keep a shopping guide in mind before making an apparel purchase.

Kurta buying guide for online shoppers

You must list your considerations before shopping online for a kurta. For a safe and secure transaction and to prevent the hustle of replacements and returns, check out the following points to shortlist and filter your requirements:

  1. Type of occasion:
  • The first point to consider the occasion, is it a casual function, a formal affair or a grand wedding.
  • Casual kurtas are mostly made of cotton and softer fabrics with usually more subtle colours.
  • Expensive linen based kurtas in blacks, creams and whites or even pastel shades takes a place in your formal wardrobe.
  • Grand wedding kurtas are mostly silk based and are stone studded or embroidered.
  1. Kurta styles:
  • This depends on individual preferences.
  • Traditional patterns without a collar and hemmed sleeves with sequins and adornments are preferred by some.
  • Some men prefer to keep their kurta collection more simple and modern with Mandarin collars.
  1. Length of the kurta
  • Traditional kurtas are mostly waist length upto mid-thigh.
  • For most of the embroidered and patterned kurtas, knee length is the most preferred size.
  • A more conservative variation is ankle length kurta worn mostly by men during weddings.

Kurta materials for different styles and occasions

There is a gross range of materials available for kurtas. Depending upon the occasion and its frequency of use, a shopper must select from the following range:

  • A light chiffon kurta is perfect for a lustrous party look.
  • Rayon fabric has a sheen look and is thus suited for night time small traditional functions.
  • Silk blends with satin or rayon are mostly embroidered and are worn during grand ceremonies.
  • Cotton or cotton blend is more of durable and casual wear fabric.

Kurta size selection

While you can just scroll and select the perfect pattern, colour and style of the desired kurta, the difficult and important part of online shopping is size selection. To focus on correct measurements especially for men, measure the following vitals:

  • Fullest part of your chest
  • Sleeve size measured from the shoulder up till the wrist.
  • Across the chest shoulder size
  • Circumference of your neck.

A little loose, a little tight, a few inches short or a few cm long never settle with a compromised look just because you could not try your purchase. Choose the size wisely for a perfectly fitting kurta and have a comfortable online shopping experience.


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