With fantastic people, stunning scenery and wonderful coastlines, Malta is a country that has a lot of strings to its bow. It is no wonder that acquiring residency in Malta is a dream of many because living there can give you access to a lot of perks. Some of these perks include:

  • Finding a house that suits you

There are a range of property types in the midst of the gorgeous scenery that will suit every buyer. You can find everything from traditional Maltese homes made with golden stones and boasting thick, sturdy walls with marble floors to modern apartments and developments, holiday getaways and family homes.

  • The economy

Along with the diverse locations and the stunning scenery, Malta has plenty to offer in the long-term as there are a number of thriving and cutting-edge industries that allow people from different sectors to find work quite easily. Acquiring residency in Malta is a good idea for better career opportunities as business is booming in software, tourism, IT, film production and cosmetic surgery, amongst others.

  • Government schemes and tax system

A generous tax system is certainly appealing and there are a number of resident programs as well. These include the Malta Residence Program and the Malta Retirement Plan. This makes it easier to acquire residency in Malta and you can also benefit from the lower tax rate as you can enjoy most of your hard-earned money. Tax on different forms of income is quite low as opposed to other countries.

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