Now it is no secret that most businesses have found Facebook a great medium to campaign for their products and services. Most companies consider Facebook marketing as the most preferred way of promoting the brands.

However, quite a few ads do exceedingly well while a few ads also fail. Did you ever try to find the reason behind these? Are you sure whether your Facebook ad is flawless for your marketing strategy? In fact, no one can be very confident about it, as there is always a certain scope to do much better.

One of the smart ways to promote your FaceBook advertising can be taking the help of a certain professional agency like Australian Internet Advertising, which has plenty of experience in making a successful campaign.

However, in this article, we want to share a few dos and don’ts that you must remember when you have decided to use Facebook as your medium to make a successful campaign for your products and services.

Few do’s of Facebook advertising:

  1. Have your objectives

You must have clear objectives before you go for the Facebook ad campaign and then design your ad keeping that in your mind.

  1. Decide your target audience

You must be very clear about your target audiences like which part or demographic area you must focus your advertisement on.

  1. Make an exclusive offer

Everyone likes to feel special including your audiences on Facebook. So, for drawing their attention you ad must offer them something.

  1. Change your ads frequently

Your audience may get bored by looking at the same ad and hence you must frequently change your ad and also monitor their results.

  1. Use engaging photos/videos

Try to use a certain image or video that can immediately attract your audience and force them to click on your ad.

  1. Use a Facebook pixel

Facebook pixel is a code that you need to install in your website’s header that will track if a user will visit your website.

  1. Include a clear CTA

Your audience must be clear about what call-to-action to be taken once they view your ad on the Facebook page.

  1. Set the right budget

You must set your budget for the Facebook campaign and try to monitor it regularly how each of your ads is working.

  1. Proofread

If your ad is in the form of a blog or a piece of writing then make sure that it should not contain any spelling or grammar mistakes.

Few don’ts of Facebook advertising:

  1. Don’t be deceptive

Never use your ad as bait or tell a lie on your ad. This will do more harm than doing good for your cause.

  1. Don’t try to put your ad on auto-pilot

You must regularly track and monitor the performance of your ad.

  1. Don’t overdose by using text

Your audience will not spend more than 1.7 seconds on your ad that is too short a time to read long texts.

  1. Don’t use unclear or misleading CTA 

Without proper CTA your ad will be ineffective to meet your objective.

  1. Don’t spend too much of your advertisement fund

Don’t throw away your money even if you have a spare amount.

  1. Don’t stop posting on the Facebook page

You should not stop posting as before just because you are doing ad campaigns in this medium.

  1. Don’t write a long copy

Your message in the ad must be short, crisp and immediately call for action.

  1. Don’t Send your audience to some irrelevant page after they click your ad

Make sure that your target page is equally attractive and relevant as your ad is.

  1. Don’t use Facebook ads as a pushy salesman

Nobody likes a salesman and never use your Facebook ad like a salesman who is forcing the audience to buy your product immediately.

  1. Don’t forget it after setting your ad

Your ad is not like a post and then forget it. You need to regularly monitor its performance and change from time to time.

Facebook Ads will offer a great opportunity to get your brand easily noticed and create a buzz. However, to realize its full potential you need to take a little time and thoroughly understand the exceptionality of this platform and also adjust your strategy for advertising accordingly.

Posted by Penny S. Lopez

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