On an average, women have more items of clothing than men, whether they wear them or not. So yes – closet space does become a common ground for arguments between couples.

While men buy only when they need, women are more impulse when it comes to buying fashion wear. Although men of today have started paying more and more attention to their looks and getting more and more fashion conscious, it is going to take a while for them to catch up with women.

Before fighting with a woman on closet space, it makes sense to understand what makes women buy so much more than men:

As primary caregivers, women buy on behalf of others too

When they are put in charge of primary care-giving responsibilities, women find themselves buying on behalf of everyone in the family, including children, elderly, and everyone in between. Whether it is about buying essentials for the home, items for family members, or gifts for friends, colleagues and relatives, it is the women who do all that searching and shopping. There is a reason why most businesses have women as their primary consumers.

Women enjoy shopping

For most women, shopping is a therapy that keeps them happy and kicking. Where men can lose interest within the first half an hour, women can go on and on shopping for hours together, without feeling a tinge of fatigue. This is one reason they tend to buy more than what they need. Anything that they feel would look good on them have to go into their wardrobe.

Women buy to create their self-identities and maintain their image

While men buy to impress the women that they love, women buy things to impress other women. For women, shopping is a way to establish their identity and communicate their status to the community. They are very particular about the products they buy, the brands that they choose and even the quantity of things they buy.

Their hormones affect their buying habits

Hormones affect a lot of things in lives – as per recent research the buying habits of women are also affected by their hormones. Women in luteal phase or follicular phase tend to be more excessive and impulsive when it comes to buying. More often than not they find it difficult to control themselves when they are on a shopping spree.

There are more than a few reasons why women tend to buy more things than they need. If you want them to be happy it is important that you give them the space that they need to store their stuff. Look for different storage options by running an online search on self storage and choose something that fits into your space.

You can also identify every unused nook and corner of your space and see if you can convert it into a storage space. Here are a few ideas to offer more storage space to the woman you love:

  • Think of functional furniture that come with built-in drawers and shelves
  • Include a custom-built laundry sorter that will keep your storage cabinet in order
  • Make some extra shelves if possible. Else, throw in a few boxes that can be stacked within the storage units.

There is nothing that you can do about women loving shopping. But if it does help keep them happy by offering some extra closet space, there is no point in hesitating.

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