Actually, plumbing is of two types and they are some different from one another, new construction and maintenance and repair. Likewise plumbing is essential utility of both commercial and residential properties, new construction or maintenance and repair.

Commercial plumbing is provided at schools, hospitals, offices, hotels, shopping malls, and small and large businesses. Commercial plumbing does same functions at residential and multi-family units, but it is quite different in plumbing usage and potential problems, as well as the choice of fixtures and structures of piping.

Many plumbing companies are offering installation services to all size commercial properties, as well as their repairing and restoration too. Companies like this have plumbers qualified and skilled to provide their repair and restoration services with installation of plumbing system, at commercial places, like multi-story office buildings and large hospitals.

Most commercial buildings drain and fresh water lines are in constant use and need more care and maintenance on regular basis. In medical facilities and multi-story commercial buildings, daily hundreds of people use toilets, washrooms and water lines. Although these plumbing systems are built with industrial grade and more durable heavy-duty materials but drain clogs are still an issue especially when it is used by uncountable visitors as well as the residents. In multi-story building, the drain system is very complex and complicated, it is important to tackle it with caution.

If there are leaks or slow drain, it may go un-noticed as compare to residents because customers or visitors are not supposed to check or complain about it. In large commercial places, there are facility supervisors do maintenance checks for possible plumbing problems. Many plumbing companies have plumbers qualified and skilled in repairing complex sanitary problems of large size.

Change in water pressure means leakage in pipes, are hard to find in large commercial buildings. Signs of moisture or hearing runny water are signs but it is difficult to pinpoint the exact place of water leaks inside the walls. A trained plumber can identify the exact leakage by using moisture detectors and suitable tools, before it damages large area.

Residential water heaters are smaller in size and can be used on natural or propane gas or by electricity. The commercial buildings have large space and in size, have many heaters working on different applications.

Many office bathrooms use instant water heaters for kitchens and bathrooms because of limited usage of water. They do not require traditional water heaters.

Large hotels, multi- purpose spaces need large boilers of Ray-Pak system, which require special knowledge and experience to install and maintenance. It is important for large medical facilities to fit with right water system for the sterilization and safety of patients. For repairs and maintenance, commercial plumber is needed to do the job.

Commercial places need more frequent maintenance as compared to residential buildings. This company hires top qualified trained plumbers and master in their fields.

This company works up to professional standards, keeping in mind the strict guidelines.

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