Month: June 2020

The Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

If you’re anything like me, this year you’ll have left your gift buying until the very last minute and have no idea what to buy anyone – which is why I decided to come up with the ‘last minute Christmas...

/ 2020-06-22

Trump Wages War with Social Media And Internet

The Trump presidency, you can say what you want about it… I won’t tip my hand as to how I feel, although I have an inkling that you will be able to tell by the end of the article. One...

/ 2020-06-17

Bridal Party Shirts That Stand OUt

You’re a bridesmaid and you don’t know what to do for bachelorette party gifts. The bride already has to worry about bridesmaids gifts, and most guests have to think about wedding gifts. As a bridesmaid, this is your time to...

/ 2020-06-12