There are times when some people may experience such events in their life that can lead to a change in feature or appearance. It is possible that you have a medical condition and that medical condition may have affected your appearance and you wish to improve it aesthetically. One option that you can consider in this regard is called medical tattooing or cosmetic tattooing because it facilitates a desired restoration or change in appearance. It goes hand-in-hand with the plastic reconstructive industry.

Medical tattooing has become a prominent part of the medical aesthetics genre and it offers a range of treatments for people who have dealt with some medical conditions. Some of these treatments include:

  • Restoring the areola complex
  • Diminishing the appearance of scar tissue because of skin trauma, such as burns
  • Enhancing lip symmetry because of a cleft lip
  • Restoring the appearance of hair loss because of alopecia, including restoration of eyelash definition, eyebrows and simulation of scalp hair
  • Vitiligo color restoration, which is only done in minor areas and commonly performed on the lips

The treatments that part of medical tattooing are conducted by using a computerized permanent cosmetic device, which boasts individual program settings. These settings use advanced technology for accommodating specialist needle configurations and automatically make adjustments to needle frequencies and speed. This is of the utmost importance in medical tattooing treatments because everyone has different skin and structure and adjustments have to be made accordingly to ensure there are no mistakes or problems in the future.

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