Prints play a major role in bringing out the appeal of the traditional kurti. To your surprise, there are a plethora of designs which are available these days which can be worn on different occasions. You can even buy kurtis online in a variety of prints these days and that too at rates that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Listed below are some of the prints in kurtis which you should definitely have in your wardrobe. Read more about them below:

  1. Paisley printed kurti

The paisley printed kurti have the both designs or the “Persian pickels” as they are known the western textile industry. These prints are available in the mango, or the keri designs with intricate detailing which are widely popular in the ethic industry.

  1. Bandhani print kurti

The Bandhani print comes from the land of the Rajasthan and uses the technique of tie-dye where one or more colors are used on the fabric. There are a lot of variations in the design and patterns of Bandhani which include Leheriya, Shikari, Mothra, Shibori, and Ekdali. It involves a highly skilled process and involves patterns in the form of waves, stripes, squares, dots, etc. These look perfect with the mirror jacket

  1. Floral printed kurti

The evergreen floral printed kurti come with the patterns and designs of the elements from the nature which include the seed pods, marine plants, leaves, and several others. This particular print offers a feminine look and is perfect for a summer outing.  Pair the kurti with kaftans and tunics and you would be good to go.

  1. Chequered print kurtis

The chequered print comes in solid colors that come in the print of squares which are of similar shape and size. The gingham checks and the madras designs are among the popular patterns in the kurtis. Chevron, on the other hand, is one of those prints that come with zig-zag stripes that form a geometric wave on the entire fabric. This pattern is

  1. The patch work print

The quilt design is one of the most popular ones in the patch work pattern. It refers to stitching two or more fabric designs together to form a pattern. Patchwork kurtis which come in tunic tops and kaftans come with contrast patchwork which is enough to make a style statement. This is one of the oldest forms of artwork and also comes with intricate embroidery on the bodice which gives it an edge over the contemporary styles.

  1. Digital Print patterns

Digital prints are becoming immensely popular in ethnic wear where these days and can be availed in a huge variety of modern prints which give a quirky look. The designs can be availed in a variety of geometrical, fractional, as well as 3-d designs. These prints look great in black or white fabrics as they are quite flashy and are perfect for occasions such as evening parties or brunches.

  1. Ikat print kurti

The Ikat print is one of the traditional Indian prints which is created with the help of tie and dye technique where the threads that are used in the weaving process to form a pattern on the fabric. This particular printing technique is used on indo-western as well as formal clothes.

  1. Batik print

Batik print is perfect for the daily wear and uses the technique of wax-resist dyeing technique which is applied to the entire cloth all at once.

Well, these were some of the prints that should be there in your wardrobe so that you are ready to pick up something for a particular occasion.

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