It’s undeniable that the use of LED grow lights in cannabis production has grown significantly with many people embracing the new model. But why would someone continue growing plants in a less productive way when they can double production and reduce the growth period by half? LEDs have not always been the best option but with advanced technology, LED indoor cannabis growth has gained popularity and now almost dominating the industry. Unlike HID lamps, the LED lights are more efficient; they’ve got a longer lifespan and consume less energy.

Have you thought about switching to LED grow lights? Following are some tips that may come handy

Use LED grow lights to control the temperature

LEDs generate less heat compared to others like the HID lights and therefore you don’t need cool tubes or such. With these, it is easier for you to control the temperature in the room, especially during the summer season when your cannabis is at risk of overheating. You may have been relying on the heat generated by HID lamps in the colder climates but with LED, you may not need to bother anymore. You can imagine the much you could save on your bills by adopting the use of LED lights- some good amount, right.

Get the LED lights close enough

Because of the less heat that the LEDs produce, you can get them as close to the cannabis canopy as possible. This increases the light intensity and therefore optimizing production. Here, you’ve to be careful so that you balance on the height of the lights as compared to the space covered. Get the manufacturers recommendations first and from there, you can keep an eye on where you need to adjust so that you have a perfect balance.

Check on your watering schedule

When using LED grow lights like the ones manufactured by SpecGrade LED to grow your cannabis, the plants don’t need much water because no much is lost. Therefore, you have to cut down on your watering so that you don’t suffocate the plants. Because the temperatures are not very high, the rate of evaporation is low and therefore the water pots will not require frequent refilling. Again, when watering, do it sparingly, do not over water them.

Provide required nutrients

With less watering, the supply of nutrients to the cannabis plants is less and therefore you have to supplement. You have to look for the appropriate fertilizers that are easily absorbed by the plant and ones that will lead to exponential growth. After all, you want to ensure optimal production but still, you have to be careful- due to less heat, the rate of nutrient uptake is low and a lot of fertilizer could increase the salinity and therefore interfering with the growth of the plants. It evident here that the use of LED grow lights, especially the ones from SpecGrade LED will significantly reduce the cost of maintaining the plant.

When choosing LED lights, consider the spectrum

With LEDs, you can optimize a certain light spectrum to attain certain results. This is critical particularly because cannabis demands different light spectrums at different stages of growth. For instance, during the vegetative stage, you need the blue and white spectrum while red is vital during the flowering stage.

If you want your cannabis plants to grow faster and maximize the production, try LED grow lights. You only need to get it installed by a reputable supplier and the results will amaze you.

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