With IPL session getting hot, it is time to buy a new TV set. Most of the showrooms are offering many exciting deals on various new television models. However, before you spend your money on any expensive one, it is better to educate yourself about various new features that smart TVs are offering. It will help you select a TV model, which gives best value of your money. You can compare TV prices online to make sure you are getting best features at optimum pricing.

What is smart TV?

The smart TV concept was around, since 1994. However, the smart TV of those days and present day models have huge differences. It is not possible to answer this question with any simple sentence as the definition of smart TV also changes with time as the technology gets upgraded. In today’s context you can say smart TVs are those which can be integrated with internet technology and your TV set can be as good as your computer.

Following are few features that can be found in most of the smart TVs marketed today. It is not necessary that all these features will be available in all the television models. Some of them may be present and a few may not. You can select your Samsung TV model based on your individual need so that you can use it according to your need. Most of the TV models, especially which are 4-years old may not have most of these features.

  • Video playback

Here you can play certain video program through USB port and is available for certain specific formats. Sometime you may need to use any server machine so that it can transcode into required format so that it is possible for you to view the program.

  • Apps & games

Now you can play various YouTube, Netflix or BBC iPlayer on your TV set.

  • DVR/PVR functionality

With this feature, you can record or schedule any TV show without using any other recording device. You can also search program from different sources and play it.

  • Voice control and gesture

Here you will not really need any remote button to control the TV by sitting on your sofa. You can simply bark at the TV or show some hand gesture to control the function of your TV. However, this will be very exciting during initial stage and as the time passes you may get frustrated with this type of control.

  • Social networking

Now you can do Facebooking or use skype for video conferencing with the help of your TV set.

  • Web browsing

You can use it like computers to browse various websites in a larger screen.

  • Connectivity with smart phone

In order to stream the content of your smartphone, you can use the TV set.

  • HDR

High Dynamic Range is now catching up fast in the TV technology and this will help you to get better colour to contrast ratio. However, the content must also be HDR compatible.

  • 3Dimensional

Hardly anyone makes 3 D content and therefore there is no use in paying money for this feature.


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