Designed to withstand shipment, handling, and storage, shipping containers come in a wide variety of sizes. They are fit for moving from one mode of transport to another without any requirement for loading or unloading. From reusable steel to corrugated fiberboards, shipping containers are always made of tough materials to handle bulk fluids, acids, corrosive chemicals, and so on. The easiest way to describe a shipping container is, it is a container, pretty huge, used for storage and is portable.

How can this shipping container be used in daily life? To know regarding the same, you have reached the right platform. Tug yourself to know more wonders regarding the uses of shipping containers. Obviously the first use that comes to our mind, of such a big container would be for transporting goods. But other than that, the uses of shipping containers has stretched its branches into different fields.

Here are the top 7 uses of shipping containers.

  1. Shipping Container as A Portable Fridge

No matter whether the transportation is via land, water or rails, Refrigerated shipping containers, otherwise called, ‘reefers’ are perfect for transporting temperature-sensitive cargo. The need for bulk refrigeration can be solved by opting for shipping containers. The shipping containers are powerfully built, with a user-friendly infra structure. You can say goodbye to the fear for any inadequate electric supply, because these containers are equipped with special protection that can fight against the flaws of electricity.

  1. Personal Fire Training Platform

Using shipping containers as a platform to practice fire training services is an ingenious usage of shipping container, as it would be safe, useful and cost-effective. To get a real-life experience along with confidence, fire rescue workers can practice their job, without any tension regarding safety. Because of their portability, these containers can be used anywhere and everywhere. Most importantly, as they are being used as a fire safety practice platform, they would be undergoing a lot of damage, but they stay strong as hard as steel! Yes! Durability is another advantage of these shipping containers. The use of shipping containers as a practice platform is a great relief for the fire training departments all over the world.

  1. Portable Ablution Facility:

Planning to provide toilet facilities in construction sites? With its fully insulated and well-equipped structure, portable restrooms with the availability of water is one of the best ways to make use of shipping containers. Regarding the waste disposal method, we need not worry as several methods take care of that part, with the current emerging technologies, like connecting the container to a sewerage line or chemical disposal techniques or they can even be taken care of by the recently established eco-friendly methods. Such ablution containers are a blessing for people working in construction sites, as they could act as public toilets.

  1. Shipping Containers as Portable Homes

Want to take your home with you, as you travel? Well, it is possible with shipping containers. Use of shipping containers as your abode is innovative enough, as they are portable, as well as cost-effective. Naturally, the cost of construction would be less when compared to a traditional house, They could also be put up together to create a multi-storied house.

  1. Portable Swimming Pools

This is one of the best uses of shipping containers. Shipping containers with their waterproof nature can be converted into gorgeous swimming pools. You can also add additional fibreglass shell to make it more attractive and convenient. You do not have to spend on expensive swimming pools anymore. You can now build swimming pools on your own at home with shipping containers.

  1. Portable On-Site Offices

Most of us having personal workspace or office, would have cribbed about lack of space. Lack of funds often play a main factor that stops us from providing an option of extending the office space. This issue can be solved using shipping containers. Similarly, it can also act as an on-site office that we can remove after the work once the work is completed. This is of great help to archaeologists who want to set up excavation sites. We can design the infrastructure of the shipping container with all the facilities of interest you require as well as personalize it.

  1. Shipping Container as Portable Garage

The traditional use of the shipping containers was for storage. Damage due to weather conditions or rain will not be a factor at all, if you are planning to store furnitures and other wooden equipments inside shipping containers. Another main advantage of shipping container is that these equipments that you are storing can be easily transported if necessary, which is not the case if you are storing the same inside a building.

Gone are the days where shipping containers were used just for the transportation of cargo. From open theatres to mini-restaurants over the years, shipping containers are extensively used in homes and offices for various purposes and recreations. Whether you use it for your office or home, make sure you procure the containers from an ISO shipping container supplier to make sure they are durable and can withstand extreme conditions.

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